Econet vs NetOne vs Telecel: Who Has The Least Expensive Data After The Changes


So “smart data bouquets” are now official and that means we can compare all 3 mobile networks to see who has the best offering. We had already made a comparison between NetOne and Telecel as they announced the new prices last week.

Anyway, let’s get right into it. We will be comparing the daily, weekly and monthly bundles as those are the easiest to compare.

Daily bundles

Bundles have always been a bit difficult to compare because of the variations in price and data to go along with those packages. The most convenient way to compare was to compare the ranges of the packages. That means we compared the pricing range for each bundle from every network along with the range of data you’re getting from each. There are also images for each package.

NetworkPrice of bundleData (MB/GB)Validity
Econet$1 - $840MB - 2GB24hrs
NetOne$1 - $342MB - 150MB24hrs
Telecel$0.50 - $330MB - 130MB24hrs

Most consumers thought data was already expensive (which might not have been the case), will no doubt be livid with these prices. $5 would get you at least a couple of gigs in 24 hours but outside Econet, it’s no longer an option and with Econet, it only gets you a gig.

Weekly bundles

NetworkPrice of bundleData (MB/GB)Validity
Econet$0.90 - $2025MB - 700MB7 days
NetOne$1 - $1036MB - 500MB7 days
Telecel$3 - $5200MB - 320MB7 days

Monthly bundles

NetworkPrice of bundleData (MB/GB)Validity
Econet$0.90 - $10020MB - 3.1GB30 days
NetOne$0.50 - $5014MB - 2GB30 days
Telecel$10 - $75650MB - 5GB30 days

Amongst all packages, it’s hard to see which one is cheaper and it feels like an exercise in futility as most subscribers will feel all of the packages are expensive.

Unfortunately for mobile networks (and the consumers), their main expenses are in acquired forex (infrastructure and bandwidth). As the RTGS/bond or whatever has weakened against “mari chaiyo chaiyo” (USD), the mobile network operators have suffered. Now it’s time for subscribers to also suffer as a result…

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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