Econet’s ‘Bundles Of Joy’ Have Vanished, You Can’t Buy Them


If you tried buying Bundles Of Joy packages on Econet this morning, you may have noticed that you can’t find the option to buy them. Econet hasn’t yet made a statement about whether this package is gone forever or not. Here’s a screenshot of how the Menu looks without the option to but Bundles of Joy:


Buying Bundles of Joy has, however, been a hassle for the past weeks as reported by a number of people on Twitter complaining to Econet. Late last year, subscribers faced the same problem of failing to buy these Bundles owing to the Econet’s system downtime but they didn’t go as far as to entirely remove the option to buy the package on their Menu. Let’s hope they removed the ‘Bundle of Joy’ from the menu so that they can fix their system. We will give you an update soon.


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5 thoughts on “Econet’s ‘Bundles Of Joy’ Have Vanished, You Can’t Buy Them

  1. Yesterday I bought Face Book bundles for one week didnt try to connect till this morning,
    not working. If this is part of it are they going to refund me?

  2. It’s so sad. Especially when they don’t compensate for all the inconveniences caused.

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