Google Will Soon Allow You “Auto-Delete” Location History

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Google’s location tracking was essentially a “go big or go home” proposition as you could either turn it on and have them track you or you could turn it off entirely.

Both options were far from ideal and the recent addition that will allow you to auto-delete after a certain time period is more than welcome. Users will be able to delete the sensitive data after 3 months, 18 months or -if you are willing to do it the hard way- delete manually.

Data such as location history is pretty sensitive and if it gets into the wrong hands (by way of a breach or loose regulation) then a number of users will definitely be affected.

Once the feature goes live you can follow the steps below to activate auto-delete:

If you’re a Zimbo should you care?

Most Zimbos have had a lax approach towards the issue of data but that attitude will obviously change once they are breaches affecting us on a local level. There have been a few already, including one that affected Harare Institute of Technology students last year. This year the most topical breach (or misuse) of personal data was when EcoCash subscribers were subscribed for EcoSure without their consent and money was deducted from their mobile wallets.

If things like that continue happening, the conversation around data and its use will definitely change and locals who have traditionally not cared about giving away their data may experience a change of heart…

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