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FAQ, ZESA Addresses Some Questions Around Load Shedding

So, load shedding by Zimbabwe’s power utility company has moved from ridiculous to just shocking and crippling. The initial promise was that you and I would not have electricity for 8 hours daily, now we are in phase 2!

Phase 2 means we will only have electricity for 8 hours. People in other parts of the country were already on this regime, I wonder what they are now getting. Let me know in the comments just how many hours ZESA gives you to charge your phone in the dead of the night…

Anyway here is ZESA responding to FAQ’s:

1. Why does ZETDC not come out with a timetable on load shedding so that we plan in advance?

  • Ans: ZETDC has produced &published load shedding schedules. These are available @ all ZETDC offices &on our website

2. Why does ZETDC sometimes not stick to the schedules?

  • Ans: The schedules are based on known power shortfalls. When shortfalls occur as a result of major system disturbances or equipment failure then ZETDC will be forced 2 shed areas that may not have been on the programme for the day. Areas that were initially scheduled for load shedding could also be exempted from load shedding in the event that there is an improvement in the power supply situation.

3. Why are some customers not being shed?

  1. Ans: Circuits that feed essential services are exempted from load shedding. These include hospitals, major hospitals, water &sewage pump stations, airports, broadcasting stations, telephone exchanges &central business districts. Neighbours could be having power because they are on that circuit, on a different circuit &or on a different load shedding schedule.

4. Why are we shed in the morning &evening when we need electricity the most?

  • Ans: It is during these times that demand exceeds supply, hence the need to shed 2 balance demand &supply.The demand profile is shaped by customers levels of usage during these periods. @fortunechasi

5. Does load shedding damage electrical appliances?

  • Ans: Load shedding involves opening & closing switches &this doesn’t damage appliances. H’ever it’s important to note that surges may occur in a power system. As a precaution, customers are advised to switch off electrical appliances

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14 thoughts on “FAQ, ZESA Addresses Some Questions Around Load Shedding

  1. But I think the most important question should be “Why is ZESA load shedding”? Not this lack of water or poor performance of power stations, those are symptoms. What are the root causes of load shedding?

  2. the root causes are ignorance and incompetence … very simple . a useless bunch of ahsoles !!

  3. Some areas that I have been in has not affected by the load shedding like belgravia, eastlea, avenues

    1. which part of Eastlea? I stay in Eastlea along Fereday Drive and beginning Wednesday we’ve been in this so called stage 2 and today 14.06.2019 power went off at 04:30am and just came back at 22:20hrs.

    2. this load shedding makes no (sents)…why….koz kwandogara electricity is going for like 15 hrs and the sad part is line riri opposite our house harisi kuenda electricity since zvakatanga load shedding…tese same area….

  4. Have pre-paid for electricity so they have got my money so why can’t I have it. If it was the other way around and I owed zesa money they would cut me off and probably take me to court to recover the money owed to them so can we take them to court to get the electricity we have paid for.

    1. Wat have u paid… ZESA is for free in Zim, less than a cent(US) n u expect to hav power….nisazoba strong

      1. So true. On the face of it its free. But technically its not. Citizens are paying indirectly through the 2% transactions tax. Remember government is saying they now have have too much money and are failing to spend all of it

        Otherwise ZESA would have shut down completely but its still operating partly due to citizens tax

  5. Honestly if does Zesa does want to serve the customers, it should start selling the electricity somewhere else. This nonsense of faults!! faults!! Is getting annoying. If they continue with crap (phases) soon everyone will turn to solar energy.

  6. Allow private power companies.. That’ll fix the situation. We’re entirely reliant on ONE provider who is clearly mismanaged and unable to deliver their own service.

    There’s no end to this till we privatize the supplies. Let me(the consumer) choose who i want to supply me and how much i’m willing to pay. If they are going to charge in USD, that should be MY choice as the consumer to decide.

  7. I wonder whether this is load sheddind or it’s a total blackout.This part of Zim has had power cut since 11/06/19 and I suppose we just got two hours of power in between and in the wee hours of the day.Is this still load shedding or else.Isnt this going to exacerbate deforestation.
    What happened to the solar project and the money Wick ell Chivhayo got a d never used.

  8. I think zesa isn’t doing enough to encourage people to saver electricity like what eskom does eg using energy saver LEDs etc and all the tower lights should be replaced with LED lights asap

    1. What type of lights are being used, in households, that are inefficient? Filament bulbs were banned a long time ago.

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