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Econet Now Rewarding You RTGS$0.50 For Registering Your Contacts On Buddie Beatz

Buddie Beatz, the new Spotify-like music app by Econet has come up with a rewarding way to pull more users on its platform. In addition to the billboards, banner ads in the Bid Buddie app and the USSD promo messages to attract fresh users, Econet is now asking you to register your own friend/relative or contact on Buddie Beatz.

The good things is that this task of shipping your friends (or selling your friends) on to the Buddie Beatz platform comes with an incentive- you will be paid RTGS $0.50 for doing this. Check out the message I received from Econet:

How to earn RTGS$ 0.50

You simply click a link that comes with the message Econet sends you and then you are presented with a Google form (see below) to supply your friends phone number. Just that simple.

How much you earn depends on how many numbers you supply Econet-right now I have registered over 30 numbers of my Econet friends.

When do you get paid?

After providing your friends number, you then have to wait till the coming Friday to cash in.

Freebies are always a good growth hacking technique for incentivizing people to come on board to use your product. The technique looks like its working for Econet because its using it for the second time again after they used it on YoMix.

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  1. I think this is just a smokescreen, so that when they register subscribers for the service, without their consent, they’ll claim they got the number from this campaign.

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