{Updated}June Zimsec ‘O’ and ‘A’ Results Are Out. Now You Can Check Your Results Online

Initially, the article contained wrong/inaccessible Zimsec links but we have amended it. Sorry for misleading you.

Its that time of the year again. The Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) has announced that the June 2019 ‘O’ and ‘A’ results out. As promised two weeks ago by the exam board, the results are accessible via its (sometimes) unreliable portal which you can visit on the following two web addresses:

How to access your results

  • Visit the website by clicking this link or this link
  • Click “register as a new user
  • Enter centre number (the code of your school), candidate number, username
  • When you are done, go back to the homepage where you will enter your newly-created username and password and boom! You will see your results.

For a detailed explanation of how you can access your results, read this article: How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online


Also read: Answers To Questions About The Zimsec Online Results Portal

118 thoughts on “{Updated}June Zimsec ‘O’ and ‘A’ Results Are Out. Now You Can Check Your Results Online

  1. after entering the requirements you still get a nonsensical statement about something else.If you are not sure of your website do not waste our data

  2. I am still not able to access my results though l am following the links. Is there any other option? Please help.

      1. Mybe yu are going wrong on the username and password . On username start wth a capital letter then on password write (ur name123&…
        Do as follows

  3. I can’t access my results at all.I have gone through all processes and have registered but when I login to access my results I get an error notification. Can someone help

  4. Its not working ikungotaura zvkti hee atleast one non letter or digit then if i fix it yotaura the opposite…nekudhura kwedata sure

  5. Anx for the links met a few challenges buh finally got thru… all those who haven’t accessed their results keep on trying guys on the new links provided also b patient

  6. Superb ha it works hey but l believe it works when the system is not overloaded by users trying to access their results, just searched for someone now and ha there were the results and ha the opening of the pages was very fast so l believe just try to access your candidate account during late hours where there will be few or no users at all and your result will show l believe cause just did it now and during daylight l was facing the same problems you were all facing guys where it would say error loading your request…so try it now if you are reading this and see.

  7. umm am tried a lot but if i follow instructions it changes the error statement even if i correct the error and follow instructions.

  8. It works but first read the instructions on how to create an account and how to log in.Try it out and see,its easy.

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