Are SMSs Asking OneMoney Customers To Reset Their Pins & Receive $2 Legit?

Local financial institutions are increasingly warning their customers about tricks fraudsters are employing to swindle them their money. So when one sees a text message from OneMoney telling them that they can change their pincode, they get suspicious.

Indeed, OneMoney users are receiving it’s text messages telling them that if they have forgotten their mobile wallet pincode, they can change it by sending a text message. And for doing that, they will be rewarded with free $2. Here’s the message:


Is it legit?

Some folks thought the message had the makings of a fraud because one is being given free money for only resetting their forgotten password. In light of this, one user asked Netone if the messages were from them and they confirmed that its actually from them.

It’s only that OneMoney customers are being rewarded for resetting their passwords- which is too good to be true-that’s why they instinctively thought it was a scam. But it’s not, the ‘free money’ is just an incentive to induce people to revive the use of their OneMoney wallets.

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