Econet Subscribers Tired Of Sasai Spam Messages

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If you’re an Econet user and you haven’t received the “your friend x has joined Sasai” message from Econet, you’re a special and extremely lucky subscriber.

I’ve been receiving the messages over the past few days but I hadn’t heard anyone else complaining so I bit my tongue and chose not to write about this issue. That is until today. In the morning my dad complained about the messages and when I logged onto Twitter, I realised that a number of Econet subscribers are complaining about the same thing and have had enough.

This isn’t the first time I’ve complained about Econet using their position as network providers to spam users but with Sasai they’ve gone into overdrive.

Not only do you get the notification that your friends have joined but more recently you will have noticed that when you buy airtime/bundles via EcoCash you no longer get your balance but instead you’re urged to download Sasai and the system isn’t even clever enough to differentiate between those who have downloaded it and those who haven’t. I’ve had the app for months now but every time I buy airtime I’m prompted to download Sasai. How many times must I download it nhai Econet?

This is anti-consumer behaviour since a useful function has been hidden away and now you have to do manual balance enquiries, purchase something or send money – all of which will cost you- if you want to access something that used to be right in front of. Mind you, the balance was presented after buying airtime so it’s not like EcoCash/Econet was doing subscribers a favour anyway.

This kind of overpromotion seems like a sure-fire way to get subscribers to associate Sasai with all things negative, so Econet should proceed with caution.

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