Econet’s New Tariffs For Voice, Texts & Data – Brace Yourselves For 83c/Minute Calls & 24c/SMS


In the past 3 months, Econet had increased pricing for its bundles on four occasions. As of this morning, the fifth increase has now been announced as coming and some aspects of it have already been put into effect.


Econet announced that they would also be revising the tariffs for calls and sending SMS’ as follows:

  • Voice – ZWL$0.0139/Second
  • Texts – ZWL$0.2428/SMS
  • Data – ZWL$0.2429/MB

The announcement of voice tariffs with per-second billing is probably meant to soften the blow as customers are more accustomed to $/minute billing. It’s clear Econet wants to minimize the fact that subscribers are now paying $0.83/minute when calling.


I checked if there were any changes to data & SMS bundles but at the time of writing there doesn’t appear to be any difference even though Econet’s tweet announcing the new tariffs mentioned there would be “new” text and data bundles.

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3 thoughts on “Econet’s New Tariffs For Voice, Texts & Data – Brace Yourselves For 83c/Minute Calls & 24c/SMS

  1. The fancy numbers deciphered simply means you now require about $250 to buy 1gig of data?? Meaning a teacher’s salary now buys 4gig of data?? Something will break here!!

  2. Yes, its more practical to say 83 cents per minute than $0.0139 per second. Econet “geniuses” must learn to use “language” easily understood by the average consumer.
    I have always questioned why, when I make an aitime balance enquiry, I get $6.8465 instead of $6.85. Why complicate things?
    Well, computers can have 10 digits after the coma in their internal memory, no problem. For the consumer, 2 will do.

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