EcoCash Sending Weird Messages To Subscribers

This evening (Monday 2nd Novemebr 2019), EcoCash has sent some weird messages to some of their subscribers. It’s not so clear what these messages are but they seem to suggest that one has done a bill payment transaction even if they haven’t.

Here’s a screenshot of the messages:

The balance doesn’t seem to be affected.


We reached out to a few EcoCash personnel to help us understand what’s going on and no one seemed to know what this was.

Once burnt, twice shy

Getting this message will give most a start because there was a fateful weekend when a good number of us woke up to messages that congratulated us for joining EcoSure and our money was deducted from our wallet without our consent.

Confidence slipping

With every twist in the EcoCash ‘upgrade’ saga they have to be careful that they don’t permanently lose people’s confidence. This morning there were hordes of people at the EcoCash offices demanding redress on failed transactions that resulted in money being lost by customers. A small thing like a set of cryptic messages that refer to a transaction that one has not done adds fuel to an already out of control fire.

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8 thoughts on “EcoCash Sending Weird Messages To Subscribers

  1. I lost $466.00 in a failed transaction on 18 November 2019 – a day the completion of upgrade programme. Econet has refunded me only $46.00. It’s two weeks now and we are living in a hyperinlationery environment – hell on earth for sure.

  2. Totally unexpected from such a big company. These are start-up errors we see here. They only needed to upgrade their servers to handle more transactions per minute than try to overhaul the whole system. Pathetic service from Econet.

  3. Its deliberate. No upgrade here. Just a plan econet concocted with the govt so they can raise money he is seemingly donating to doctors. Its going to be impossible for all customer quirries to be reconcilled and corrected given to services and number of people at thier offices at any given time. They stole my 500 but they can have it, im not going to get my legs swollen waiting in those slow ques at econet

  4. On my part, I do believe the individuals behind the upgrade did not actually test the system properly to understand the probable implications of the upgrade. Econet is huge, yes, but at the same time, it is clear corners were cut to run the upgrade. They would have been able to understand all possible errors and bugs that would have appeared. Whats really sad to note is that they are not reverting to the old system. In any real terms of proper upgrade messes, they should revert to the old system, why they are not doing so, brings conspiracy theories on two levels.

  5. To hell with these fraudsters. I have lost a thousand dollars through failed wallet to bank transfers. Their customer service desk is at its all time poor. One money here I come.

  6. They just bare you for no reason. Why don’t they give a reason for this. They enjoy when people are getting it thick. It seems they are working with government authorities to collect funds from people in fraudulent manner. You go to the bank there is no money. You use ecocash you are bared. What to do now? The ecocash is no longer worth is as good as you do not have money. I am sure violence can solve this once and for all. Enough is enough.

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