NetOne One-Fi VS Econet Private Wi-Fi – Who Offers Better Value? (May 2020)

Econet and NetOne recently adjusted the pricing of their mobile data – as has become the norm. There are 2 bundles that hadn’t been adjusted by either of the two operators in their last 2 tariff increases – the Private WiFi bundle from Econet and the One-Fi bundle from NetOne.

When Econet announced new pricing for their Private WiFi bundle there were protests online but NetOne has followed suit albeit with different pricing. We compare the two and see which provider is offering the better value;

Data AllocationEconet Private WiFiNetOne One-Fi $% difference

NetOne is clearly the cheaper option but there are few things to consider. Because of the slight bump from ZW$400 to ZW$650, if local currency continues to lose value NetOne might be forced to push up the prices earlier than Econet.


Another thing to note how well NetOne’s mobile internet will work in your area. Where I stay I only get a 3G connection – which wouldn’t deter me from getting their cheaper connection since that will suffice for what I do on my phone but for others that might differ.

All things being equal though – NetOne is clearly offering a better value. It’s hard to discount the fact that with ZW$2000 you’ll get 80GB of data and keep $500 in your pocket whilst Econet subscribers will only get 50GB for the same amount

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15 thoughts on “NetOne One-Fi VS Econet Private Wi-Fi – Who Offers Better Value? (May 2020)

  1. The NetOne deal is even more compelling if you buy the airtime with OneMoney before converting to the bundle. That’s a big discount of 20%. What a sweet deal.

  2. I switched to NetOne from Econet, Net1 is superfast in my area compared to Econet. I am really enjoying the cheap bundle

  3. I’m planning on moving from econet to netone but internet network coverage isn’t reliable in Mbizo 17,18,20. Why?

  4. One Fi gadget with powerbank is king. if you need it contact 0776920306, i have plenty at affordable price

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