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NetOne Releases New Data and Bundle Prices

Its price hike week. Econet yesterday released their new prices for bundles and data. Today NetOne has made their move after announcing that they will be reviewing their price structure as of today.

Data Bundles

ItemNew Price ZWL$Old Price ZWL$
Hourly 1 Gig30.0025.00
Night Bundle (1GB)50.0040.00
Daily 30 MB8.708.00
Daily 80 MB20.0015.00
Daily 200 MB40.0030.00
Daily 480 MB80.0060.00
Daily 960 MB115.0080.00
Daily 1200 MB120.00100.00
Weekly 26 MB8.007.50
Weekly 60 MB16.0015.00
Weekly 160 MB42.0040.00
Weekly 350 MB85.0075.00
Weekly 700 MB150.00150.00
Weekly 5 GB600.00500.00
Monthly 200 MB55.0050.00
Monthly 450 MB110.00100.00
Monthly 1.5 GB300.00250.00
Monthly 5 GB700.00
Monthly 10 GB1000.00
Monthly 15 GB1300.00

Social Media Bundles

ItemNew Price ZWL$Old Price ZWL$
WhatsApp Daily 20 MB5.805.00
WhatsApp Daily 50 MB11.0010.00
WhatsApp Weekly 70 MB17.0015.00
WhatsApp Weekly 150 MB35.0030.00
WhatsApp Monthly 300 MB60.0055.00
WhatsApp Monthly 600 MB130.00100.00
Facebook Daily 20 MB5.805.00
Facebook Daily 50 MB11.0010.00
Facebook Weekly 70 MB17.0015.00
Facebook Weekly 150 MB35.0030.00
Facebook Monthly 300 MB60.0055.00
Facebook Monthly 600 MB130.00100.00
Twitter Daily 20 MB5.805.00
Twitter Daily 50 MB11.0010.00
Twitter Weekly 70 MB17.0015.00
Twitter Weekly 150 MB35.0030.00
Twitter Monthly 300 MB60.0055.00
Twitter Monthly 600 MB130.00100.00
Instagram Daily 20 MB5.805.00
Instagram Daily 50 MB11.0010.00
Instagram Weekly 70 MB17.0015.00
Instagram Weekly 150 MB35.0030.00
Instagram Monthly 300 MB60.0055.00
Instagram Monthly 600 MB130.00100.00


ItemNew Price ZWL$Old ItemOld Price
Daily 8 SMS 1.00Daily 10 SMS1.00
Daily 25 SMS3.00Daily 35 SMS2.10
Daily 50 SMS5.00Daily 60 SMS5.00
Weekly 90 SMS10.00Weekly 100 SMS10.00
Weekly 200 SMS20.00Weekly 220 SMS20.00
Weekly 500 SMS50.00Weekly 600 SMS50.00
Weekly 1200 SMS100.00Weekly 1200110.00

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2 thoughts on “NetOne Releases New Data and Bundle Prices

  1. I bought a new prepaid Netone line about 3 weeks ago. I setup the internet settings connected once and since then i have not been able to! Nor on another phone. It really tells you how poor Netone internet connectivity is. I have read numerous tweets of people complaining. There Customer Service are unable to help. Boils down to very poor service. This is going back to the 90’s when i had a prepaid line and gave that up.

  2. +263719188090 I am waiting for a reverse payment of onefi bundles for $950 rugs I bought on 25th June 2020. I wrote a letter which I submitted to head office but still I have not been assisted. Surely this is broad daylight robbery.

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