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Econet’s New Bundle Prices Are Mostly The Same As Before

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So Econet reviewed bundle prices as promised yesterday but on first glance you may actually fail to notice the difference. Most of the prices that have changed have done so marginally and Private WiFi bundles have not changed AT ALL. Phew!

So what do the new bundles look like? Here’s a breakdown of the daily, weekly and monthly data bundles:

Daily Bundles
Data allocationOld Price (ZW$) – 05/05/2020Current price (ZW$) – 17/06/2020
Weekly Bundles
700MB152No change
Monthly Bundles
2500MB500No change
3200MB600No change

Not much has changed and I think its fair to assume that this slight upwards review will be more palatable to consumers who probably expected a significant increase.

Social media bouquets

Daily Bouquets
ServiceDataOld PriceNew Price
WhatsApp + Pinterest4MB$1No change
WhatsApp + Pinterest12MB$3.50No change
WhatsApp + Pinterest + Sasai20MB$5.50No change
Facebook + Snapchat + Sasai20MB$5.50
Instagram + Sasai20MB$4
Twitter + LinkedIn + Sasai20MB$4No change
Whatsapp + Pinterest + Sasai45MB$11$12
Instagram + Sasai45MB$9No change
Facebook + Snapchat + Sasai45MB$9$12
Twitter + LinkedIn + Sasai45MBN/A$9
Weekly Bouquets
WhatsApp + Pinterest + Sasai65MB$13$17
WhatsApp + Pinterest + Sasai140MB$30$35
Facebook + Snapchat + Sasai140MB$30$35
Instagram + Sasai140MB$25No change
Twitter + LinkedIn + Sasai140MB$25No change
Monthly Bouquets
Whatsapp + Pinterest + Sasai240MB$55$58
Whatsapp + Pinterest + Sasai400MB$85$95
Facebook + Snapchat + Sasai400MB$85$95
Instagram + Sasai400MB$65No change
Twitter + LinkedIn + Sasai400MB$65No change

Much of the same can be said of the Social Media Bouquets. The only complaint I have in regards to these is why some of these bundles exist. What can someone do with 20, 45 and even 140MB on Instagram and Snapchat? Opening those applications for a few minutes will run through that data like it’s nothing.

Of course, Econet has consumer spending patterns and that might indicate that people actually buy 20MB to go on Instagram or Snapchat but that would be pretty surprising.

Sasai Bundles

Like Private WiFi Bundles, Sasai bundles haven’t changed one bit which is probably a good idea considering the service already isn’t the most popular to begin with. Increasing the price of entry would only make it

NetOne hike on the Horizon

NetOne announced that they will also be reviewing their pricing on the 18th – which is tomorrow- so it only makes sense to compare the pricing on both networks after NetOne has effected new prices.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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  1. People don’t have money and are now opting for netone, these guys are losing in sales lol, they can’t afford to push prices too much lol

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