Video: This might be the cheapest smart home alarm system you can buy

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The Wifi Smart security kit is a do it yourself home security system that has some great features. It’s modular allowing you to add more sensors over time.

All the components are wireless so you get ultimate freedom when positioning them and also no unsightly wires. You can even link it up with a smart speaker and control it using voice commands and if the alarm is triggered you get notifications on your phone while you are home or away.

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  1. Gb instagram download

    Amazing product with very low price

  2. Farai Mudzingwa

    This is pretty cool!

  3. Edwin Chabuka

    I wanna buy it so bad…

  4. Lucy Rashayi

    Is it available in stock? In Gweru and how much?

  5. Techvizd

    This is amazing i like it.

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