WhatsApp multiple device login feature reportedly in final stages

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WhatsApp has been for a long time now working on a feature that will allow users to login into one account from more than one device. The feature looks to ease the difficulties faced by users when they migrate to different devices or for users that might want to use their account over multiple devices (up to 4 devices). WABetaInfo has given an update on the feature. It appears as though multiple device login is inching ever closer to WhatsApp’s beta program.

There are, however, some aspects to the feature that aren’t yet quite ready. The sync chat history feature across all devices and muting chats, for example, are being worked on.

WhatsApp desktop migrating chats from mobile to dektop.

What is encouraging is that WABetaInfo reports that multiple device login in the final stages of testing across all platforms (Android, iOS, and Desktop). This feature is one that many thought wouldn’t come to fruition. This is of course because there are some features that have dropped off the map. This isn’t to say that some don’t come back. Vacation mode, for example, is a feature that was long thought to have been forgotten. But it surprisingly surfaced again earlier this month.

WhatsApp multiple device login looks promising though because WhatsApp is also reportedly planning a new modern UI for the desktop client to facilitate this feature.


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