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Econet resolves issue with private Wi-Fi bundle purchases

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Earlier this week there were reports from Econet customers that they weren’t receiving private Wi-Fi bundles that were purchased on their behalf using EcoCash. After making the purchase the one who was buying for someone else would get the bundle instead of the intended recipient.

We reached out to our sources at Econet to ask what was going on. We were told that they identified the issue and it was resolved on Wednesday, November 18th 2020 and that customers would have the purchases properly allocated.

“We expect all customers affected by this glitch to have been advised and their transactions rectified by midday today. We sincerely apologize to all customers affected by the glitch.”

Econet Wireless

They added on by saying that the issue with the private Wi-Fi bundle purchases only affected a handful of customers.

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Habibi Dube
2 weeks ago

Don’t make private Wi-Fi expire just allow it to be used untill finished especially for school students pliz

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    The Principal
    2 weeks ago

    Kkkk it’s business bro. Very few people complete the data by the end of the month. I will also become a student if a student bundle is introduced.

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