ZIMSEC speaks out on examination paper thief.

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ZIMSEC, Grade 7, O-level, A-level Results Exam papers O Level 2020

ZIMSEC has issued a statement addressing the young man accused of leaking the O-level Mathematics and English papers 1 &2 examinations. According to ZIMSEC PR Manager Nichollette Dhlamini, the accused, Arnold Maimba was a temporary worker. ZIMSEC usually employees such temporary workers to ease the pressure of exam sessions.

Due to Maimba’s ability to leave ZIMSEC premises with examination papers, the examination council has suspended the Risk manager and Packing and Collating manager pending an investigation into how Maimba managed to pull off his heists unnoticed. All security personnel at the Norton Printing Press have been suspended and replaced.

The rumours started when images of the O level mathematics paper 2 started making rounds on Whatsapp well before the exam written. Shortly after Maimba was arrested for violating the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) Act, after evidence indicated he had stolen the O level Mathematics and English papers 1 &2, examination papers Maimba had sold to candidates.

The police recovered all the ZIMSEC 2020 O Level Papers that Maimba had smuggled out when his home was searched. He also provided the authorities with a list of all the people that he had sold the papers to. Police are still hunting down Maimba’s customers.

With the frequency in which such leaking scandals befall ZIMSEC, we can’t wait to see what information the council’s own investigation will reveal and what measures will be put in place to guard against such situations in the future.

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