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BancABC offers prepaid US$ VISA deposits & other services at Pick’n’Pay outlets

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This might be old news for some of you but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that you can deposit money into you BancABC prepaid VISA card at select Pick’n’Pay outlets.

The Pick’n’Pay locations don’t only cover VISA Prepaid US$ deposits but also offer:

  • BancABC’s remittance service City Hopper
  • Bill Payments
  • Banking services
  • BancEasy
  • BancAssurance
  • Account opening

Why is this important?

These services are near enough to what you’d get at a BancABC branch and makes things a little easier for some it’s customers, especially with the lockdown. The outlets aren’t, of course, anywhere near enough to cover everyone but it is a good start.

Sometime last year we talked about Outdoor Payment Terminals and how they could give us more ways to use USD. Those terminals are pretty expensive and maybe a little over the horizon but the BancABC and Pick’n’Pay partnership is good enough for now.

However, at some point in the not too distant future, we should have unattended terminals all over Zimbabwe that allow us to perform a range of transactions.

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