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Here’s how you can view ZIMSEC Grade 7 results online

ZIMSEC, Results

ZIMSEC Grade 7 results are out and due to the pandemic the best way to view your child’s results is online. So here’s how you do it:

Option A – Via the ZIMSEC website:

1. Visit the ZIMSEC website on and you will be taken to the home page.

2. Click on view Results and you will be taken to a page that shows all the country’s 10 regions [R1-Harare, R2-Manicaland, R3-Mashonaland East, R4-Matabeleland North, R5-Midlands, R7-Masvingo, R7-Mashonaland Central, R8-Mashonaland West, R9-Matabeleland South, R10-Bulawayo].

3. Select your region where your school is located in and proceed to the instructions for registration.

Option B- Via direct access to your school’s region:

1. The application portal is accessed via the Regional access links/addresses.

RegionDescriptionPortal Address

2. Copy and paste on the web browser address bar the link for your region where your school is located.

For account creation and other Grade 7 results info please use the ZIMSEC manual in the link below:

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62 thoughts on “Here’s how you can view ZIMSEC Grade 7 results online

  1. The zimsec sight is not reliable at all.Most people have struggled to get in.When u register it says candidate details not found,when details are correct.

  2. I have failed to access my child’s results since yesterday after entering all the required credentials the system is giving a feedback “invalid username or password ” trying to change password nothing is coming out am so frustrated my child didn’t eat because of curiosity am disturbed

    1. Yes Your candidate & centre ara correct first thing before you login. U have to register to this link Go on Google paste this website
      When u are on the web u will see chart with regions
      and websites chose your regions and its website or just copy the website that is on Your region and paste on google,when u are in you can register using the correct details

  3. Zimsec musati kunzi mavekumberi ne technolody imi musiri kugona kugadzira website yenyu, kupedza data redu, itai vana vamire mutsetse pachikoro votora ma results sezvataingoita kudhara not kunyepa kti mane website

  4. Failing to access the results for my child. When l am trying to register its saying, “Passwords must have at least one non letter or digit character”. I am trying to correct that but nothing is coming out.

  5. I am failing to access the results for my child….the date format is exactly like what I am entering but still it’s telling me to enter it correctly….what should I do?

  6. When u register it says candidate details not found when details are correct. Someone from Zimsec please respond!!

  7. Iam failing to view kid s results online the system is telling me that information supplied does not match any candidate, has anyone viewed online yet

  8. Tiresome process just to access results Zimsec should have a direct website to result not continuous redirection of sites

  9. Have tried to open results for my cousin for two days now and its saying candidate with such details not found, yet the details are correct.

  10. I have tried many times with correct details only to get the same respond, candidate not found.This portal don’t work.

  11. ZIMSEC IT staff u are not competent on ur job. Am doubting if ur website is authentic. Imagine since yesterday, everything l entered is correct trying to register my child but it keep saying there is an error. If this is how you work then we are going nowhere.

  12. Zimsec we need you help , the portal is saying candidate details not found but I’m entering the correct details. It’s really frastrating not only me but on the child too.

  13. We tried to register and it keeps on saying that registration of account has been halted. System
    could not find candidate with matching details. Please use details as on statement of entry.
    Please help us we started this yesterday until today it doesn’t work.

  14. with all disrespect i think the whole idea of a result checking website is myopic the dogma being that we are buyiing data to waste on a disfunctional portal i say the whole idea is nonsensical

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