Nhimbe Fresh – Marondera set to be the largest solar crowd sale in Africa

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Nhimbe Fresh Sun Exchange funding

Last November we reported on Sun Exchange, a South African peer-to-peer solar startup that launched its African expansion in Zimbabwe. The company allows anyone from anywhere in the world to buy solar cells in large projects it has commissioned and the upside is that you will earn money from the power generated. Nhimbe Fresh is a local fresh produce exporter and is the first beneficiary of this expansion. The proposed plant is going to total up to 1.9 MW and will be launched in three phases.

The Sun Exchange Nhimbe Fresh crowd sale has garnered some serious attention and is set to be the largest solar crowd sale on the continent to date. To learn more about this we were joined by the CEO and founder of Sun Exchange Abe Cambridge as well as the CEO of Nhimbe Fresh Edwin Moyo.

You can check out the crowd sale for Nhimbe Fresh with the link here. The sale is set to close on the 10th of March but might be extended because the goal is close to completion.

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Our conversation with Tendai Mupaso the co-founder of logistics startup Yaita. It had been a while since we touched base and we thought we’d talk about the business as well as their new product the Fulfilment Centre. The product is basically a warehouse where e-commerce businesses store their inventory.

The biggest difference with a normal warehouse and what Yaita is doing, is that Yaita will handle delivery of those goods. Your customers can order through you but you don’t have to ship anything, all of that is done by Yaita.

Yaita a delivery startup now looking to be the complete e-commerce business partner

We also had a chat with Fresh Ideas founder Kuda Musasiwa. The startup is offering the tools for anyone or business that wants to start an e-commerce operation. There is, of course, a fee of US$99 a month but for that, you get payments intergrations, website design and more

Kuda Musasiwa is bullish about Fresh Ideas’ e-commerce platform

Lastly, we talked to Dandemutande CEO, Never Moyo about the recent launch of Utande LTE.

Dandemutande CEO sheds more light on Utande LTE



  1. Imi vanhu musadaro

    I could be wrong, but if a single cell costs about 7 USD and offers a return of 0.081 USD (according to their pdf) a month, after 100 months (8.3 years) you’ve made 8.10 USD only. 1 dollar more than your initial investment. Is this a wise investment?

    1. Anonymous

      You have to compare it to other investments. Do your calculation again, but this time calculate what your returns are in percentage per year. It works out at about 5% per year (the original 7$ investment is assumed to depreciate to 0 over the 20 years). If you factor in the time it takes to install, when your money is doing nothing, it works out at about 4.5-4.7% per year. So I guess its not terrible, but not great. I guess its an okay investment, if you don’t want all your money in one basket, and you are looking for another basket. I guess you can also deduce the depreciation as a tax benefit, but that would depend on your local tax laws.

  2. Vishnu singh

    Vishnu singh

  3. K .Rhodes CHINYOKA

    This is very a commendable investment for both the whole country and the youths.I have been in the teaching field since 1980 but am nearing retirement. I have decided to go farming and I am starting now in the Marondera area.We are starting a solarpanel driven irrigation scheme. I plan to go into horticulture.

    I am looking for the broad bean or fava seeds. I don’t have any idea where I can get the seed.

  4. Dhuterere

    The solar crowd scheme i thot first the initial load cost to supply a consumer is first worked then the initial investment capital is known then divide the returns basing on the % of energy supplied by an individual’s cells over the years so no one shld benefit from someone’s cells

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