ZOL internet is a mess this morning

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ZOL internet has been choppy this morning and it affecting both their customer on Wibroniks and Friboniks. What we have seen so far is that connection fluctuates or is down completely. ZOL put out a notice on Twitter which reads as follows:

Dear Customer

Due to a fault on our network, Internet and email services are unavailable in some areas. Our engineers are working to urgently resolve this issue.

ZOL via Twitter

At the time of writing the myZol app has minimal functionality, the customer services number is down and Zol’s web portal is not loading at all. Hopefully, this does drag on like that outage the ISP and its customers endured late last year.


What’s your take?

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  1. Juno

    Telone Internet was down as well apparently

    1. Valentine Muhamba

      So we must be indeed grateful that Elon will come and save us from these ISPs

  2. Anonymous

    Nothing new there. I’m surprised to see you even included ” -a mess this morning”, it’s just a mess.

  3. Edward

    Still down up to now. I recharged my account which already had a healthy bundle because it kept saying action needed when connected, then nothing..

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