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Deriv Stock Trading

If you have been around the stocks and trading scene for some time then the name Deriv isn’t anything new. The company, which was initially called Regent Markets in 1999 was established as an online trading platform with the goal of universal access.

What is Deriv offering?

Deriv, true to its mission, offers a range of trade types on a variety of assets including:

Forex – where the company offers CFDs (Contract of Differences) which is usually for the more seasoned traders. Deriv also offers options and multipliers on over 50 forex pairs including exotic pairs. 

Forex pairs are the trading values of two currencies against one another, for example, the United States Dollar to the British Pound

Stocks and Indices – Much like our own local Stock Exchange, Deriv enables users to speculate and profit from changes that occur in global markets without having to own underlying assets. The company sources from over-the-counter markets and Deriv’s competitively priced assets allow you to trade outside the regular hours.

Synthetic Indices – which are most commonly referred to as volatility indices are simulated markets that are not affected by real-world events. They act similar to real monetary markets but are created with the help of numbers randomly generated by a computer.

Deriv has its own synthetic indices but like the general definition are real-world market movements without having the impact of natural events which customers have access to 24 hours a day seven days a week all year round.

Commodities – There those who prefer to leverage the value of precious metals and other physical commodities. Well, Deriv has you covered on this one too.

Trading Platforms on offer

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There are three trading platform options if you intend to trade with Deriv. The first is Deriv MetaTrader5, which is most commonly used for the aforementioned CFDs. This is where you can trade in stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and synthetics.

The system was developed by MetaQuotes, a leading Cyprian trading platform developer for traders. Deriv’s variant of this software has over 300 000 clients and allows a granular view of different segments for those who want the nitty-gritty details.

The second platform is called DTrader and it is more focused on Financial and Synthetic assets. DTrader was build for professionals however its layout is not difficult for new or novice traders. With DTrader you get a minimum stake size of US$0.35, trade durations that last a year and a potential payout that (if you are fortunate) will exceed your initial investment by some distance.

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Finally, there is DBot, which is Deriv’s automated platform that allows you to create your very own trading bot. The platform is free and allows you a hands-free experience and look into your favourite assets.

How you can sign up for Deriv.

If you are interested there are two options. The first is more for the middlemen and is a partnership opportunity with Deriv’s affiliate program. You can potentially earn up to 45% lifetime commission from assets your clients trade that you refer to Deriv.

The second is by simply opening an account as an individual. If you open a demo account, you will get US$10 000 in virtual funds that you can explore different assets with. Once you have gotten the hang of it you will then be ready to put in your own money and have the real world experience of trading. 

You can check out Deriv’s free Demo account and Affliate program with the links below:

Deriv Demo Account
Deriv Affiliate Program

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  1. L. Mtombeni

    Kindly provide real contact details for the “Deriv Demo Account” and “Deriv Affiliate Program”. Your information is incomplete.

    1. ping

      You can create your account using this https://deriv.com/_8C8TBWokSjW2vdm9PpHVCmNd7ZgqdRLk/1/

  2. Tech25

    How to create a Deriv Account and start trading online.

    1) Visit


    1)Click on CREATE DEMO ACCOUNT. Enter your email address and proceed

    2)confirm registration email in your email address

    3)create all new virtual accounts and upgrade to the real account and save your CR account number

    4)Click menu, then trade open and click meta trader5 then click real account then choose synthetic for volatility index or standard account for currency trading. Then create main password and confirm

    5) Download MT5 then enter your login details and start trading

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