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ZSE Direct now has a mobile app

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has announced that it has launched an app for its online “Direct” trading platform. Introducing the ZSE Direct Mobile App It has been one year since we launched the web based version of ZSE Direct, an online trading platform that enables retail investors a smart way to manage their ZSE […]

EcoCash Holdings releases statement on ZSE share trading halt

Earlier today the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) released a statement saying that it had halted the trading of Cassava Smartech’s (trading as EcoCash Holdings) shares due to a delay in the company releasing its financial results. In response to this EcoCash Holdings has itself released a statement to its shareholders on the matter of the […]

ZSE gets authorisation to be a central securities depository

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) today announced that it has been granted permission by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) to be a Central Securities Depository (CSD). Commencement of the ZSE Central Securities Depository Operations The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited (ZSE) is pleased to advise stakeholders that it has been granted approval by […]

Cassava Smartech share trading suspended by the ZSE

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has suspended the trading of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe shares after the company failed to publish its financial results: The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s (ZSE) statement on the Cassava shares trading suspension is as follows. NOTICE TO THE INVESTING PUBLIC TRADING HALT OF CASSAVA SMARTECH ZIMBABWE LIMITED The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited […]

ZSE Direct transactions hit $30 million last month

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s online trading platform ZSE Direct recorded a 500% increase in transactions last month. This disclosure was made at the recently concluded Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) by the company’s Head of Business Development, Anymore Taruvinga. “We started the year at about $5 million as of January this year; it went up […]

Full Text: Victoria Falls Stock Exchange signs deal with Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange

The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX), a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), the region’s leading derivatives exchange — to strengthen bilateral cooperation as well as exchange knowledge wound commodities trading. As part of the agreement, the DGCX will […]

Old Mutual has brought investment and insurance to USSD & WhatsApp

Old Mutual yesterday announced the launch of a USSD and WhatsApp platform called MyOldMutual. I have to hand it to Old Mutual for the production, it’s no Apple event but they put some serious money and thought into the event. I mean they had the man of the moment himself Holy Ten perform. USSD and […]

If you are interested in stocks & trading check out Deriv

If you have been around the stocks and trading scene for some time then the name Deriv isn’t anything new. The company, which was initially called Regent Markets in 1999 was established as an online trading platform with the goal of universal access. What is Deriv offering? Deriv, true to its mission, offers a range […]

Mthuli Ncube extends Old Mutual ZSE suspension by another year

It looks like its for 2022…

ZSE putting charges on ZSE Direct withdrawals

starting on the 15th of March

ZSE Direct is going to be down due to scheduled maintenance

ZSE Direct is taking the night off… For good reason, of course.

ZSE marks biggest year in a decade at the close of 2020 trade

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) closed off 2020 with the highest figures the exchange has posted in decade.

ZSE Direct KYC (Know Your Client) requirements have been changed

The ZSE has issued a circular that outlines the new KYC requirements for new registrations as well as existing ZSE Direct accounts.

Duplicating business models from global brands in Zimbabwe

Innovation. Disruption. Original. These are some of the buzzwords in the entrepreneurship arena that every player wishes to be associated with. There have been several new ideas that came in and shook up their respective industries from Apple with the first most adopted graphical user interface computer to Uber destroying the taxi industry in several […]

Local EduTech Startup Attends UNICEF Incubation Program In Egypt

[Image Source: Generation Unlimited] Local software startup, Team Amigo is in Egypt from the 20th-24th of January as part of their incubation program for winning the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2018/19. Team Amigo won the $20 000 challenge for developing an application that delivers learning materials to students at low cost. [Update]: Amigo’s Academic Portal […]

Months of Cassava Smartech Contribute 89% Of Econet’s Profits Last Year

Econet recently put out their financial results for the year ended 28 February and one of the questions many had was whether these results would include any detail regarding the performance of Cassava Smartech and they do but there is one caveat. The results only cover Cassava’s first 8 months and not the full year. […]

EcoCash’s I-nvesta Platform Allows Users To Trade Shares On C-Trade Through EcoCash

If you open EcoCash’s menu there’s a lot that may pass you by because we often use a few particular functions. One such feature that has been there for a long time and we constantly missed was the EcoCash I-nvesta menu. I-nvesta is (and has been for quite a long time) available on the EcoCash […]

SECZ Conducting User Experience Survey For C-Trade Users

When C-Trade –Zim’s first digital investment- platform was announced we were very excited about how many doors would be opened to first time investors who hadn’t had a chance to do so previously. There were a few user experience issues that were met by those of us who enthusiastically tried to sign up only to […]

MMM’s Investment Scheme Might Be Making A Comeback: Be Very Careful

Earlier this year, MMM Zimbabwe’s Ponzi scheme was laid to rest along with its founder. It seems mavro-BTC which was taking advantage of the Bitcoin craze last year and earlier this year had all but lost steam. The normal MMM which doesn’t rely on Bitcoin us back though and there have been some rumours. When […]

NetOne To Enter Joint Venture With South Africa’s Telkom?

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is the man of the moment and when he speaks Zimbos listen. Last week Mthuli spoke about the privatisation of state-owned parastatals and it seems like there is a 6-9 month timeline for that to happen. In line with this privatisation, South African Telecommunications company Telkom is said to be in […]

Econet Releases Statement Warning Investors To Trade Wisely

Econet released a statement earlier this week advising their investors to think twice before making any decisions to either sell/buy more shares. The statement sent out by Charles Banda –Group Secretary- read: The Board of Directors of the Company wish to advise all shareholders, debenture holders and members of the investing public that the Board […]

C-Trade Answers Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About Their Trading Platform

We have talked at length about C-Trade. From a how-to on the sign-up process, why their platform is a great thing, and how to buy the shares once you’ve signed up. Since their launch in July however, the reception has been mixed. Though they have quickly grown and have amassed about 7000 new traders there have […]

Four Investors Are Looking To Pump Money Into NetOne

Earlier this year, the Minister of ICT & Cyber Security Supa Mandiwanzira expressed the Governments interest to finally let go of Mobile Network Operators Telecel and NetOne: We have had inquiries on buying equity, interest in government-owned networks, with some offering to buy entire shareholding and some offering to partner with the government and inject […]

What Type Of Investment Is Right For Your Business?

As the saying goes, you have to ‘speculate to accumulate’. As anyone with a stock trading account will attest, when it comes to the market this means taking some form of calculated risk in a bid to make your funds grow further. In a business context, the principle is the same. In order to achieve […]

Mr President Before You Give Tax Incentives To Foreign Investors For Job Creation, Have You Looked At Startups?

Today’s Herald carried a headline that said, ‘ED mulls tax incentives to lure investors.’ The Herald wrote: Tax holidays and incentives, the President said, will help attract more attract foreign investment into the country, which will go a long way in creating decent jobs for the populace and help the country to attain the Government’s […]

Make Zimbabwe Great Again (part 2) – How Strong Intellectual Property Rights Laws Can Help Foster A Culture Of Innovation

Growing up in Zimbabwe as a teen in the early 90’s I used to rent DVD’s from the Video Club without understanding what laws we were breaking; however, I did save my pocket money to purchase the Notorious BIG’s original Deluxe Album. It cost about USD $50 (yes the double disc was and still is […]

Buyer beware: the basic risks when investing

Caveat Emptor is the cute Latin term that is translated “Buyer beware.” This is legal mambo jambo to let you know that whatever you are about to buy, you are buying at your own risk. It is important to move our discussion of investing on capital markets to the uncomfortable subject of risk. Risk is […]