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Study finds that Econet has the fastest internet speeds in Zim

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The age-old debate of internet speeds among Zimbabwe’s mobile network operators (MNOs) has reared its head again. This newest edition to the debate comes courtesy of SpeedChecker, which is an Irish-based Internet think tank and their study has found that Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has the fastest internet speeds in the country.

According to SpeedChecker, Econet clocked 7.56Mbps download, 4.07Mbps upload which put it head and shoulders above NetOne which registered 6.50Mbps download and 3.08Mbps upload. In last place, was Telecel Zimbabwe with 1.97Mbps download and 1.14Mbps upload.

The folks over at SpeedChecker say that they gathered their data through user experience from mobile devices across the country. Now, it isn’t surprising that Econet has the fastest internet speeds because they have the most extensive network of infrastructure in the country.

Harare isn’t the Mecca of Internet

What was really strange about the report is that there were some shockingly high speeds in areas that most might not necessarily call internet hubs in Zimbabwe. Mashonaland West and the Midlands, recorded 8.40Mbps and 8.11Mbps, while Mashonaland East and Matabeleland South had the lowest speeds of 6.48Mbps and 5.91Mbps respectively, for all operators.

This could, of course, be down to populations in these areas. One of the things that hampers internet speeds in metropolitan areas is the congestion for the base stations available.

On that note, our resident man of many talents Edwin Chabuka published a video where he ranked all providers who offer 3G and 4G mobile internet services. To see how they stacked up check out the video in the link below:

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

7 thoughts on “Study finds that Econet has the fastest internet speeds in Zim

  1. Asi mabhadharwa kunyora izvi? With Econet internet lately u cant even download a 4mb video on whatsapp. Imi vanhu musadaro !!!! I wonder where is Potraz in terms of enforcing quality of service!

  2. Can’t argue with that, especially in marondera, econet’s network is soo pure and slow its painfull. But im forced to use it because of their flexible bundle choices dai yanga isiri yomix ndakaisiya econet kare

  3. It depends on where you are in Zimbabwe, here in Murewa Econet is King, and the other 2 aren’t reliable

  4. This is all relative. In waterfalls Parktown Econet is shockingly bad. I doubt this research was comprehensive.
    But also consider that you are comparing which is the best out of generally poor speeds. Which is the fastest tortoise?

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