ZIMRA names fraudster extorting money while posing as an official

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ZIMRA, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority fraudster

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has warned the public of a fraudster who is extorting money from people while purporting to be a ZIMRA official.

ZIMRA’s statement reads as follows:


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) wishes to advise its valued clients, members of staff and the public in general to be on the lookout for a male fraudster pretending to be a ZIMRA Official. The fraudster masquerades as a ZIMRA Loss Control Officer or a ZIMRA Domestic Taxes Auditor. He calls himself TIGERE OR TAKURA OR KASEKE. The fraudster also claims to be working together with MRS TIRIPANO AND MRS SIBANDA.

He makes numerous persuasive and threatening phone calls using landline numbers or cell phones. purporting to be calling from ZIMRA offices at Kurima House. He convincingly extorts money from unsuspecting companies and individuals on the pretext of conducting ZIMRA business, mainly tax audits. A number of companies and individuals have fallen prey to the fraudster and have lost money and valuables.

Clients and the public in general, are warned against entertaining people who claim to be from ZIMRA and must be aware of the following:

• All ZIMRA employees have clearly defined work procedures and do not carry out ZIMRA business in the streets or over personal or unofficial social and digital media platforms

• All ZIMRA employees carry with them valid staff identity card when on duty and do not ask for any form of monetary deposits into their personal bank accounts for them to conduct ZIMRA business

• ZIMRA is not associated with and has no business link with this fraudster conducting ZIMRA work in the manner described above

• ZIMRA clients and the public should not be intimidated into parting with their money through the actions of individuals whose identity has not been verified Anyone with information pertaining to suspicious individuals acting in the manner described above should immediately report to the nearest Zimbabwe Republic Poke station or any nearest ZIMRA office or contact ZIMRA via the following:

General Lines: 0242-758891-5.

Econet toll-free: 0808190.

Telecel toll-free: 0732880880.

Netone toll-free: 0814880.

WhatsApp: 071279072 / 0772135690. SMS: 0712790972.

Email: pr@zimra.co.zw, webmaster@zimra.co.zw

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  1. SG

    whose landline are they using ????

  2. Imi vanhu musadaro

    So these “extorted” companies paid him to do what exactly? 🙄 I smell corruption.

  3. Tariro Michael

    There is also a another guy anonzi Claudius Mukupira ,a fraudster who claims to be an agent for CVR. He takes your money and vanishes be book racho ,number take is 0773818669

  4. Bt

    Zimbabwe Republic Poke🤔

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