ZIMRA requirements for freshly-built & imported vehicle number plates

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has published the requirements for the registration (and number plates) of newly built and imported vehicles. If you have recently imported a car or have bought one assembled locally, you’ll need to bring two copies of the following:

ZIMRA vehicle registration/number plate requirements

  1. Customs Clearance Certificate (CCC)
  2. Form 49 payment receipt/ Form 21 – Bill of entry plus release order.
  3. Valid electronic police clearance (NB. it expires after 14 days).
  4. Proof of residence for the applicant which is not more than three months from the date of issue.
  5. Photocopy of national identity document for the person whose name appears on the CCC.
  6. Valid Motor Vehicle Insurance.
  7. Where the owner does not present themselves at the time of registration, an affidavit authorising registration of the vehicle on their behalf, or an appointed agent to carry out the process on their behalf is required.
  8. Valid ZIMRA stamped Clearing Agent identity card – this applies to clearing agents appointed by the owner of the vehicle to undertake the registration on their behalf.
  9. In the case of companies for commercial vehicles, certificate of incorporation and a valid tax clearance certificate (ITF263) or payment of presumptive tax.
  10. In the case of application for red on white number plates, Road Operators’ Licence issued by the Ministry of Transport and payment of presumptive tax.
  11. Tax invoice in the case where the motor vehicle was bought from a motor vehicle dealer such as Willowvale Mazda Motor Industry and other dealers.

You can also go to the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) or Zimpost outlets to get your vehicle registered.

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