Local production house to release a docuseries on one of Zim’s greatest sportsmen

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SAMSON MURIPO, Yako Story Initiative

I am sure that anyone reading this has watched their fair share of biopics or TLC styled documentaries of a notable person’s life and exploits. These productions are quite common in western countries, to the point that the most famous people already have a couple made or some that are in various stages of production. More than just showcasing someone’s journey, they are also there to inspire as well as celebrate the achievements of an individual in a society. However, in Africa, these are few and far between. We rarely ever get to see the life stories of impactful and successful individuals, be they well known or in a niche field. And this is something that the Yako Story Initiative is trying to change. 

The initiative endeavours to be a vehicle that identifies, nurtures, promotes, showcases and advances African talent. As well as developing skills and creating employment for the youth and women through storytelling. The Yako Story Initiative is looking to do this by exploring a number of genres or categories like Education, Music, Sports, Business, Climate Change, STEM, Health, Arts & Culture just to mention a few.

And to kick things off, Yako Story and First Mutual Holdings have partnered up to take a deeper look at the like and professional journey of Shihan Samson Muripo who I am sure many of you may have already heard of. He is Zimbabwe’s first Karate World Champion and was able to repeat that feat and solidifying his name as one of Zimbabwe’s Hall of Fame sportsmen. Like a good number of our country’s great achievers, his beginnings were humble, and Yako Story has crafted the narrative to bring out hope, possibility, self-belief, mastery discipline and determination. 

All of those elements are evident from the trailer, and the hope is that this shows everyone that anything is indeed possible if the right mindset and sacrifices are made. The Samson Muripo Yako Story will air as a four-part mini docuseries starting on the 16th of July 2021 exclusively on Yako Story’s (Yakontent) website. You can also follow the docuseries as it develops on social Yakontent’s and First Mutual Holding’s social media handles. 

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