Xiaomi overtakes Apple to become the world’s second-biggest smartphone maker

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New data by analysis company, Canalys, shows that Xiaomi, the Chinese device maker, is now the second-largest phone maker in the world after overtaking Apple. Xiaomi achieved this feat after achieving a massive 83% growth in shipments. Samsung remains the top phone maker in the world with a staggering 19% of the world’s phone market share but Xiaomi is not far behind with 17%.

According to the firm the top five phone makers and their market share are now as follows:

VendorMarket shareAnnual Growth in shipments
Preliminary data by Canalys

Xiaomi’s rise is driven by strong overseas market performance. They didn’t just do well in one market but across the board. Their growth was mainly buoyed by shipments to the Americas (not the U.S) where they saw a 300% growth in shipments. In Africa, they enjoyed a 150% boost in shipments. Even Western Europe, traditional allies of America, Xiaomi saw a 50% bump in shipments. Xiaomi’s dominance was driven by strong performance in the budget to mid-range market where they swatted Oppo and Vivo.

The U.S machinery fails to stop Xiaomi’s growth

China and the U.S are embroiled in a dominance fight which naturally includes the technology sector. Xiaomi had to contend with restrictions during the last days of Donald Trump whose measures decimated Huawei and relegated it to the peripheries of the smartphone world. However, unlike Huawei whose fortunes have remained the same under the Biden presidency, Xiaomi successfully wiggled its way from under the U.S thumb.

Part of the reason why the U.S might seem unconcerned about Xiaomi is the fact that they are mainly a device maker. Huawei is a different beast altogether. They make everything from phones to 5G towers (the ones that spooked the Western spooks). However, it just goes to show the strengths of the Chinese model.

It is also ironic that Xiaomi has now overtaken Apple. The Chinese company is often accused of copying/being inspired by Apple’s designs. A quick browse of its product line shows they too seem to favour elegance although they have their eyes set on affordability, unlike Apple who have no qualms charging prices of over a thousand for their devices.

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  1. Angry citizen

    The problem you have Mr writer is that i often see you diss high-end phones why…… You cant seriously say apple is expensive ….my guy xiaomi is a good brand and they copy Apple its general knowledge…….

    In a way i have seen that interms if technology you still a minor….. You still stuck in the Zimbabwean-chinese mentality
    Zvema itel

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      I am not dissing high end phones as you claim. Generally in Zimbabwe low end and mid range rule the roost because people have less disposable income. There is a reason why Itels and Tecnos outsell iPhones. It’s because iPhones are expensive and simply beyond the reach of your average Zimbabwean. It makes little sense to focus on exceptions and ignoring the meat an staple. Also the fact that Xiaomis are inspired or copy Apple is in the articles. When it comes to tech matters I am always happy to learn. Next time I will cover an Apple event and sing them praises pinky swear.

      1. Anonymous

        I couldn’t agree more.

    2. Anonymous

      Haihwawo apple is expensive uko nxaaa. Hapana chamunomboi justifier. You must be one of those people who are dying to have an iphone.

  2. Pangaz.Com

    Tokumbirawo kuti muwanze any news dzaana Itel, Gtel, Tecno etc. Coz ndoodzine chekunyatsoita nesu chaidzo. Coz ndomafone atiinawowo

  3. Anonymous

    Haaa iyo Xiaomi ichapihwa ma restrictions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ USA haidi kukundwa

  4. Enthusiast

    @Techzim We are still waiting for more unboxing reviews dzana gtel m10 , itel p37 and techno ku YouTube. They really matter to us low income citizens.

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