Fully charge a phone in 8 mins? Xiaomi says hold my beer

Valentine Muhamba Avatar
Xiaomi HyperCharge 8 mins charger charging

Xiaomi showed off its new 200W HyperCharge, which can fully charge a 4000mAH battery in 8 minutes.

The phone used in the demo was a modified Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and shows the company’s ceaseless chase for faster charging times. If you remember a couple of years ago, Xiaomi debuted its 100W charging system that could take a 4000mAH battery from zero to full in 17 minutes.

Alongside the 200W HyperCharge, Xiaomi also said that it has a 150W wireless charger that can recharge a phone in 15 minutes. The one thing that was missing from the Xiaomi demo was when the HyperCharge would be hitting the market.

The best that Xiaomi has on sale at the moment is the 120W wired fast charger that comes with the Mi 10 Ultra. But this demo might point to something being on the horizon in the not too distant future.


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  1. Question Mark

    But how long should we expect the battery itself to last before it can stop holding effective charge? These super fast charging speeds must have consequences right?

    1. Genie Graphics

      No they don’t. It’s just that we improving our technology. I got the same phone that charge within 30mins ,5000mAh.it now has 3years good condition

    2. Graphene our lord and saviour

      This is from a review for another model I watched like a year ago so have some salt on standby! Basically, the battery is split into two cells so the wattage is devided in half between them. Second big factor is the use of graphene. It’s an incredible electric conductor. So between non traditional form factors, tweaked chemistry and new material combinations, you get similar durability to older, slower charging tech. Heard they still charge hot though!

  2. Imi vanhu musadaro

    They should throw that tech into electric vehicles…. πŸ”₯

    1. Valentine Muhamba

      And parking lot wireless charging!

    2. Real wex

      That is the last piece of the puzzle,and iys bye bye gas

  3. Luckson

    It’s a relief to some of us. The market needs batteries which last longer. In the future we shouldn’t be charging phones now and again.

  4. Bt


  5. Anonymous

    Xiaomi is pushing forward with tech..From transparent Tv’s to smart refregerators(That send notifications to your Xiaomi phone when something is about to rot)…Xiaomi is the reason why China is waay ahead of the US and Europe in terms of digitalised lifestyle.In an average Chinese home , everything can be controlled from your smartphone i.e lights , stove , doors , security cams etc & thats great….However its criminally expensive !!

    1. π–΅π—‚π–Όπ—ˆ’π—Œ π–±π—ˆπ—ˆπ—†


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