Full Text: In a shock move TelOne suspends their Data rollover facility

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In a shocking move, TelOne has just announced that they are suspending their data rollover facility. The rollover facility was only introduced in March of this year two years after ZOL who introduced their own form of rollover in 2019. With a rollover, you would get an extra 30 days to use up your leftover data provided you made another purchase in the same ensuing month.

In their announcement suspending data rollover TelOne blamed technical issues that made it not worthwhile to continue to offer the facility. It’s not clear how ZOL does it or whether they use the same software as TelOne. Also, TelOne were at pains to point out that this change will only be affecting new bundle purchases. Below is the full text of the notice:


23 August 2021

Dear Valued TelOne Clients

We wish to advise our valued clients of the suspension of the data roll over facility with immidiate effect. This is owing to the unremtting failurs on the host platform which has been affecting overall service offering and quality rendering the facility impossible to sustain.

The facility discontinuation will affect new bundle purchases and will not affect running bundles.

The company will continue to explore available alternatives that can support efficient client service and experience.

We are committed to ensure the best service experience at the lowest possible cost and will keep you updated on new developments in due course.

For technical support, billing or eqnuries please call our 24 hour Contact Centre on toll free (from landlines) 950 and (024) 2700950 from other networks. You can also reach us through Chommie on WhatsApp number +263718700950

TelOne Mangement


  1. 1BEN

    Well, This Sucks

  2. DragOne

    Dissapointed? Yes. Surprised? No…TelOne is just about to end a VERY well received feature that their clients absolutely loved. Very soon TelOne is going to run out feet to shoot itself in! Time to start shopping around for a service provider that actually listens to its customers

  3. Velile Dube

    Very disappointed to say the least. For once Telone had done something worthwhile and now this??? Such a let down

  4. Charlton

    That’s the challenge with Zimbabwean companies kana zvakufaya kana kunakidza they just find a way to annoy, faithful customers. Very dissapointing

  5. Margaret

    Telone not loyal next month shifting network so

  6. Diana mujuru

    Telone has the worst services and they dnt even care about their customers

  7. Victoreloaded

    What happened to fixing the problem this sucks big time

  8. Anonymous

    Very very dissapointed

  9. Bridget

    What a disappointment,i recently moved and I was going to pay for installation today. So i guess I should start shopping around for better alternative.

  10. Zenzele

    Sad development. Telone has been fairly dependable in these times of online learning as well business. Guess one has to migrate to other service providers who offer data rollover. Such is life in Zim

  11. Tafila Dube

    I think I have to leave TelOne. This sucks and is very arrogant of them. Just when one though they had cleaned their ears, they decide to plug them again.

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