ZOL On A Roll As It Introduces Data Rollover For Wibroniks Users

Fresh off from introducing it’s LTE data SIM Card that’s offering the best deal in town, ZOL has now introduced a data rollover facility for it’s Wibroniks fans. Data Rollover allows Wibroniks users to carry over and use unused data in the following month or given days.

Before yesterday, ZOL’s Fibroniks users were the only ones enjoying this privilege of rolling over their data. ZOL says that users, will be able to rollover the data up to a maximum of 15 days for certain packages and 30 days for other packages. After those 15 or 30 days, the data that was rolled-over will finally expire. Here are data rollovers for all packages:


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2 thoughts on “ZOL On A Roll As It Introduces Data Rollover For Wibroniks Users

  1. Did not know what Zol prices are before this article but I’m glad I’m not with them .. I’m posting telone 347 for 500gig at 20mbps… Thank God for telone….Zol is astronomical

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