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TelOne finally introduces data rollover


TelOne has been doing it big of late. Earlier this week we reported on the state-owned ISP introducing Data Sharing and today TelOne has now added on to that by introducing data rollover.

For those who have been around the block, you’ll know that data rollover isn’t a new thing. ZOL did something similar for its customers back in 2019.

However, this is a really good move by TelOne because it means that their customers will be able to utilise any leftover data the following month. So if your internet usage varies from month to month. By that I mean you sometimes exceed your data cap and other times you fall well short, you won’t have to worry in the event of the latter. You will now get another 30 days to use up to use the remaining data from last month’s purchase.

In the announcement about the data rollover, TelOne also seems to have snuck in a new data band. If you look at the image in the tweet above there is a new 100 GB Home Surfer package. This makes sense because there was a massive gap between the 60GB Home Premier and the 120 GB Home Night.

Now TelOne customers can get something that is in the middle of the road of that divide if they so wish.

It looks like TelOne (albeit belatedly) is apologising to its customers for the persistent system upgrades that were common last year. Hopefully, the ISP can keep this up and release more packages and give ZOL and Utande stiffer competition.

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11 thoughts on “TelOne finally introduces data rollover

  1. How can I buy those bundles without a Wi-Fi router? I use cellfonebut I need that type of data.

  2. Last month l had a challenge my landline wasn’t working l reported the fault and it took a week for telone guys to rectify the problem. When they have rectified the problem my wifi data was close to expiry date and l called them and they did nothing, and l lost 3gig of unused data

    1. I also experienced the same challenge. After reporting the fault on 7 January, they only repaired the fault on 22 January after several trips and follow ups via the phone. They simply told me they could not do anything about my loss.

    2. Visit their offices, they’ll refund you your data within 48 hours. I had the same situation but calling them wasn’t bearing any fruits so I went there.

  3. This is hilarious for me because my wifi has been down for months despite me calling a million times and getting the same excuse.I ended up switching to Telco instead.

  4. It seems that I can stretch my Home Premier for another 30 days at no extra cost – the big question ‘What happens to uncapped’ at the end of 30 days??? Must you pay $87 every month with no rollover???

  5. Could Telone pliz provide us with a gaming data package tailored for online video gaming on Playstation, Xbox or PC…

  6. Make available portable wifi router for connections to non landlords like zol and other service providers

  7. At least you realised that you have not been fair by short changing your customers by wiping out their unused leftover data which they would have paid for.No favour at all in bringing the rollover as it data paid for.Nevertheless well done

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