Order a BancABC Visa card & win a Chicken Hut meal?

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BancABC Chicken Hut, Dial-A-Visa, Prepaid USD card

BancABC has thrown yet another interesting promotion. To celebrate one year of its virtual customer service centre, Branch X, if you order a BancABC prepaid Visa card through its Dial-A-Visa Program you could stand a chance to win a complimentary Chicken Hut meal.

One thing I have to credit BancABC on is its ability to leverage a number of popular services in order to try and convince the market to come on board with its services. If you remember not too long ago the bank launched a number of promotions centred on their Dial-A-Visa program and Visa Prepaid card which included a chance to win free DStv, Netflix, Apple Music and Spotify subscriptions.

Now I can’t speak to the effectiveness of these promotions but with the time and resources BancABC is pouring into them, I think it’s fair to assume that they are working out. This new BancABC promotion with Chicken Hut is certainly a different take from what I have seen before. For one thing, Chicken Hut isn’t the first service that jumps to mind when I think of how my fellow Zimbabweans would be using their prepaid USD cards. Services like Netflix and others are what I commonly associate them with but hey I could be wrong on that one.

At any rate, there is a chance to win a free meal and Prepaid USD cards are fast becoming commonplace in Dollarisation 2.0. So I put the question to you, is this BancABC Chicken Hut promotion enough to move the needle for you to get a prepaid USD card if you don’t already have one? Or would it entice you to pick up another or switch from your current service provider if you already have one?

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  1. A reader getting annoyed by the Banner!


    We now know that the website works free on Econet, for some time now actually.

    Now can you PLEASE get rid of that persistent banner at the bottom hogging 15% of my screen real estate? Or at least make it collapsible. It’s bad enough the top Techzim Banner is persistently perched up there as well.

    1. 1BEN


    2. I don’t know


    3. Anonymous

      You are so right. I’m tired of it too.

  2. Bhuru1

    Is chicken hut in all towns or cities?

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t if you can tell the BancAbc guys but their Visa services have been really stressful to use. Sometimes the balance is wrong sometimes i am overcharged cannot even keep track of my records. Getting the card is easy but using it is more expensive and inconvenient.

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