Spend US$20 & BancABC could give you 1 month of DStv Premium or 3 months of Netflix

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At this point, it might seem like we are running ads for BancABC but you have to respect their hustle. Out of all the financial institutions in Zimbabwe, both tradition and new age, BancABC is the only one that seems to be riding the hype of these USD streaming services.

Last week BancABC launched a promotion for still new to Zimbabwe Spotify as well as Apple Music. This promotion will see anyone who pays for those music streaming services using their BancABC Visa card with a chance to win three free months.

Now, BancABC has doubled down on that promotion by offering its Visa customers, new and existing, a similar offer but this time with video streaming service Netflix and satellite TV provider DStv.


The only difference between this offer and the Spotify one is that you don’t have to spend on a particular service. You can shop online for services local and international using BancABC’s Visa Card (spending US$20 or more) and you’ll stand a chance to get three free months of Netflix or one month of DStv Premium.

This is really shrewd from BancABC, not only are they offering their existing customers a chance win something. The bank is also enticing them to have a reason to spend using their Visa cards.

The knock-on effect of this is that they could see a bump in online transactions which they of course attach a fee to. And they will also be an interesting prospect for anyone who is in the market looking for a US$ prepaid card provider as well as having some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) on the hype around these streaming services.

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Imi vanhu musadaro
4 weeks ago

Did you just explain how advertising works? 😂

Anyway, they have stingy promos given their target market, because they always seem to be one winner campaigns. Thousands of customers competing for 30 bucks!

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