Mutsapuri, a local logistic startup charging ZWL$100 per delivery

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While scrolling around on the interwebs I found what is one of the most exciting initiatives I have personally seen in some time. There is a local logistics startup called Mutsapuri that is a youth and community-focused company, charging a very reasonable rate.

The first reason why Mutsapuri has excited me is the means by which this startup is entering the fulfilment space. They are using ordinary bicycles and motivated individuals to meet their community’s needs. The second thing is that they deliver almost anything.

According to a flyer posted on Facebook, you can get your gas refilled, order groceries for pick up, medical prescriptions and anything else you might need. The final thing is the rate they are charging. Mutsapuri’s fee starts from ZWL$100 per delivery and that’s a lot cheaper than many alternatives out there.

This price according to the startup’s founder, Jeoffrey Ncube, is to make their services as widely available as possible. He said that they are aware of the needs of the elderly in their community as well as civil servants and want deliveries to be affordable.

The only knock on the service is that at the moment it is only operating in Waterfalls and surrounding areas. However, there are plans to expand the service when resources allow.

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  1. Imi vanhu musadaro

    Hopefully, those are introductory prices otherwise is might not be viable. Losing a clients 5 usd will ruin a riders day. I’m interested to see how they will perform.


    Rainy season coming not a good idea for a bicycle service

  3. Kutyairamombenemazitandozvinei

    Wish them well, sadly soon the taxman will be after them for Bicycle licenses!

  4. Pedelec

    Slight tangent: When is that guy wema EV you had on the other day going to bring Ebikes into Zim? There is great fleet potential for stuff like this, and once he starts a rush on the market, I might finally be able to afford one😂

  5. Lazarus Mutsamwira


  6. Anonymous

    Copy cats started in Alexandra south Africa

  7. Sesiyibo

    This started in joza 2013

  8. Anonymous

    Great initiative wishing them all the best

  9. Garikai

    Great intiative may you contintue to develop and grow with lots of positivity. Wish you all the best would love to experienve your service

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