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Get 5GB for only ZWL$500 from NetOne

NetOne, price

Netone is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is offering this generous bundle to all its customers – 5GB for ZWL$500.

Celebrate NetOne’s 25th Anniversary with 5GB Anniversary Bundle. Purchase the 5GB data bundle (valid for 25hrs) for $ZWL 500 & earn entry into the weekly draw. Entry into all weekly draws earns entry into the monthly draw. Stand a chance to win phones, MiFis devices and airtime.

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The data will only be available for 25hrs and so only consider if you can utilise it. In my neighbourhood, there is no way I would be able to use even half of that 5GB in 25 hours.

You might want to take advantage in any case. Remember there is a tariff hike with effect from tomorrow, 19 Oct.

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22 thoughts on “Get 5GB for only ZWL$500 from NetOne

  1. Asi vanhu imi soo, ko Kungotauarawo kuti for 25 hours munobvei…. Siyai hutsotsi you know noone can finish that amount in a day

  2. Thanks Techzim for the heads up.I would rather wait for the weekend then buy Econet $94 per GB hourly In my neighborhood I can finish that 1GB In under 30 minutes on LTE

  3. Thank you netone,in my hood i can utilise that cause netone is faster than econet.But pa increase of data mukukwadza vanhu,anyways tatojaira cause takugara ne2 malines one wenyu akakwidza toenda kune akachipa in this case i switching to econet.

  4. I think if you are a heavy user like me, rinopera. You just need a phone capable of high speed internet then you download movies usually during off peak hours. Haaa rinopera iro tikadzifam ira nyaya dzacho.

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