Get 5GB for only ZWL$500 from NetOne

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Netone is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is offering this generous bundle to all its customers – 5GB for ZWL$500.

Celebrate NetOne’s 25th Anniversary with 5GB Anniversary Bundle. Purchase the 5GB data bundle (valid for 25hrs) for $ZWL 500 & earn entry into the weekly draw. Entry into all weekly draws earns entry into the monthly draw. Stand a chance to win phones, MiFis devices and airtime.

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The data will only be available for 25hrs and so only consider if you can utilise it. In my neighbourhood, there is no way I would be able to use even half of that 5GB in 25 hours.

You might want to take advantage in any case. Remember there is a tariff hike with effect from tomorrow, 19 Oct.



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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro part 2

    Mmm, team, don’t bait us like that, garai manyora kuti it’s only for 25 hours, musadaro imimi.

  2. MINDS

    kkkkk i will buy the hourly bundle every hour the nxt five hours…better deal

  3. Munhu

    Asi vanhu imi soo, ko Kungotauarawo kuti for 25 hours munobvei…. Siyai hutsotsi you know noone can finish that amount in a day

    1. TECHZIM

      Paita hutsotsi papi apa? Inga zvakanyogwa wani!

    2. Honest Kariwo

      I finish hourly bundle in 40mins kkkk

    3. Anonymous

      lol there are people who actually can

  4. Blessing Goronga

    Thanx guys how long is the promotion?

  5. Econet Is better

    Thanks Techzim for the heads up.I would rather wait for the weekend then buy Econet $94 per GB hourly In my neighborhood I can finish that 1GB In under 30 minutes on LTE

  6. Thank you netone

    Thank you netone,in my hood i can utilise that cause netone is faster than econet.But pa increase of data mukukwadza vanhu,anyways tatojaira cause takugara ne2 malines one wenyu akakwidza toenda kune akachipa in this case i switching to econet.

    1. Hailey

      How is the move to econetπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Anonymous

    How to buy the data?

  8. Meeee

    Dai muchiisa option yekutenga fewer Gigs for the month chero two gig month rese

    1. The voice

      How do you activate 4g?

  9. Anonymous


  10. lexie

    ini zii hangu semunhu mukuru

  11. Anonymous

    Gegegege kuzoti 25 hours, ka1 hour ako ndekekubatanidza

  12. Bryce Jack

    as its 25th Anniversary why not 25GB in 25hrs for $ZWL 250

    1. Anonymous


  13. Muts

    I feel cheated

  14. Muts


  15. McGregor

    I think if you are a heavy user like me, rinopera. You just need a phone capable of high speed internet then you download movies usually during off peak hours. Haaa rinopera iro tikadzifam ira nyaya dzacho.

  16. Tanyah

    When is the anniversary bundle ending

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