The rainy season is upon us: here are the precautions ZESA wants you to take

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It’s the time of year again when the skies open up and I am sure we are all thankful because the heat was getting unbearable. However, as we all know the prevailing weather doesn’t mix well with electricity, so ZESA has put out a circular on the precautions you need to take. The statement is as follows:


The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) would like to advise its valued customers to take all the necessary precautions and measures in the use of electricity and its infrastructure to protect lives during the rainy season. All customers are urged to observe the following guidelines and safety measures to avoid loss of life and damage to property:

 Avoid getting into contact with electricity infrastructure, especially
substations, poles and power cables, whether dangling or not,

 Avoid touching any downed power lines and report such
occurrences to the nearest ZETDC Customer Service Centre,

 Do not touch electrical equipment or appliances when wet, with
wet hands or when standing in water,

 Avoid getting into flooded, submerged and flowing water as there
is the danger of getting into contact with electrical cables and
getting electrocuted,

 Do not lean against electrical poles, cables and any other related
materials and equipment as that would lead to loss of life,

 Turn off power at the mains when gadgets are not in use,

 Use surge protectors to guard your electrical gadgets against
damage due to lightning strikes and unplug all electrical gadgets

 When it is raining, do not use any metal sinks, showers and tubs
as they can cause electrocution.

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