Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Paynow, the B2B and B2C payments platform celebrating 8 years. Announces USSD code *828#

Paynow has been around for a while now and their business is all around facilitating payments. The service they offer came about to solve 2 big problems. Allowing small businesses to have access to one platform with as many payment options as possible. This then leads to solving the second payment problem on the customer […]

You can pay using OneMoney from any POS now, is this a game changer?

You have heard the news, you can now pay straight from your OneMoney mobile money wallet via Point of Sale. This means wherever you find a POS machine you don’t have to ask if they accept OneMoney, they do now. Zimswitch allows for this. The market leader, EcoCash, does not have this kind of integration. […]

Zimbabwean wants to take 1 mil traders online and raise US$5 billion, hmmm

E-Commerce company Appletree Digital Commerce, today unveiled the Taking One Million African Traders Online Movement (TOMATO)– its solution to the lack of opportunities for the youth across Africa. “We came across some alarming statistics which inspired us to think differently about how we could provide practical solutions to help young Africans to realise their entrepreneurial […]

Find out more about Nyaradzo’s Sahwira Connect Card and the Zimbabwean payments mess it is solving for

We talked about Nyaradzo’s Sahwira Connect Card earlier this month. It is a welcome innovation which should not have been needed but is. When we talked about the card we had a few questions and fortunately we managed to get answers from Nyaradzo. Nyaradzo confirmed to us the problem being solved by the Sahwira Connect […]

Zim forcing companies to innovate in payments – Nyaradzo introduces Sahwira Connect Card

The proverb goes, ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ This no doubt applies to medical care more than anything else. Hence why the wise ancestors used stitches as an example. However, they could have said ‘a dollar in time is like a million’ and it still would have had the same impact. Am I really […]

Suspension of loans: Bank charges are going up, here’s why

We have been going down the rabbit hole of the new “economic measures” and the most confusing one of them all was the suspension of lending or loans. I say this because Zimbabwe has not been a lending market because of the currency gymnastics that have been a feature of the last decade. One moment […]

FBC Bank announces new Mastercard US$60 limit security feature

FBC Bank has, in a statement, said that it is taking a proactive approach to guarding customers against fraud with a new US$60 limit security feature for its USD Mastercard platform for online transactions. FBC’s statement on the Mastercard security feature and limit reads as follows: FBC Bank continues to transform with global e-commerce products […]

Zimswitch at ZITF 2022: NOSTRO EFTs, debit orders, wallet on POS & more

The National Payments Switch, Zimswitch was an exhibitor at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF 2022). It appears that their main mission for this year’s edition of the ZITF was to interface with customers (both corporate and individual) about who they actually are and what they do. For all those who might not be aware […]

Zimswitch’s ZEEPAY offers an array of bulk payment solutions

As a growing economy, Zimbabwe requires homegrown payment solutions which service and meet the unique needs of the fast-changing market. As such the bulk payments infrastructure is expected to continuously evolve to provide convenience to different stakeholders in the country. Entrepreneurs and SMEs require financing from Microfinances and Banks. Employers require solutions to disburse funds […]