UNICEF & Impact Hub Hre testing Guta, a blockchain nutrition system for schools

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Guta UNICEF Impact Hub Harare blockchain

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), City of Harare Nutrition Unit and Impact Hub Harare are prototyping an application called Guta. The app is a blockchain solution that will help children and schools improve nutritional standards.

Guta Impact Hub Harare and Unicef

“After a long year of planning around many lockdowns, building the technology and working with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary education, we are happy to introduce the pilot study of the project at Mutasa primary school with 400+ students participating.”

Impact Hub Harare on Facebook

The goal of the Guta System is to encourage students to purchase and consume healthy food at school by way of an easy-to-use application. The system also assists the vendors with online personal mobile shops so they can track their sales. Additionally, Guta also allows parents to see what their children purchase at schools and “gamefies” healthy eating.

The release date for the app to the wider public is yet to be revealed but it is encouraging to see an initiative that helps both students in attaining a balanced diet as well as the informal sector vendors who sell food and other items to school children.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    What role does blockchain play in this solution?

    1. King Todza

      Ndazvishayawo ini wena! Apa I can’t find the the App on Google PlayStore so that I can test it.

  2. Captain Jack Sparrow

    There just want people to think it is a noble initiative using the latest technology🤗🤗🤗 90% of the population are living below (way below) the poverty datum line🤣🤣🤣 the parents can’t even afford to feed their sibling a decent meal on a daily basis ozoti hako mwana wechikoro anopihwa 20 bond and you talk of balanced diet 🤪🤪🤪 akomana musaite mafunnies akadaroo writing stupid articles …

    1. Jonti

      Tooo negative guys. We won’t go nowhere tichingosvora zvese

  3. The Milkman Cometh

    Do kids still get milk in school these days? I’m part of the last generation to see door to door delivery of the glass milk bottles, so forgive me for being out of touch 😂
    This is an interesting project. It should serve as a good practical case study given the near miraculous reputation Blockchain has in some circles. I hope they will be tracking not just the nutrition side side of things, but on the utility of the tech in Zim as well.

  4. brockychain hmmm

    I fail to see what the f**k they need blockchain for in this case .. please explain what role blockchain serves here?

    1. Jonti

      Take note, there are 4 participants who all need to know or find out about the entire transaction process.
      The Parent
      The Supplier of nutritious food
      The School
      And finally the student

  5. Jonti

    Tooo negative guys. We won’t go nowhere tichingosvora zvese

    1. Anonymous

      We also won’t get anywhere by applauding every dumb idea that comes our way.
      They should have spent all that taxpayer dollar on maybe buying real food for school children not on some useless tech

  6. Anonymous

    May God heal us from attacking or doubting the goodness and novelty in the things or concepts that we dont understand instead of developing interest and eagerness to learn