Econet introduces US$1 for 15 voice mins, 150 MB data & 15 SMSes bundle promotion

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A dollar bill, Econet US$1, Dhola Chete Super bundle

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the country’s largest mobile network operator, has introduced a new US$1 “Dhola Chete Super bundle” promotion that the mobile network operator says will offer more convenience and greater airtime purchase options for its customers.

The company said the promotion, which coincides with the start of the festive season, will help its customers stay connected over the festive period.

“This is just another way we want to ensure friends and families stay connected this festive season,”

Fungai Mandiveyi, Econet group spokesperson

The ‘Dhola Chete Super bundle’ promotion consists of 15 voice minutes, 150 megabytes (MB) of data and 15 SMSes. The package, which can be purchased using hard currency (physical US dollars) and via FCA accounts, targets customers with free funds and those with access to foreign currency.

“While gathering as family and friends will continue to be a challenge this holiday season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it should not stop our valued customers from connecting with their loved ones from wherever they might be, in different parts of the world,”

Fungai Mandiveyi, Econet group spokesperson

The new US$1 bundle, available at selected Econet shops countrywide, is valid for a day (24 hours). All expired values are however not redeemable, even if one purchases another bundle. Mandiveyi said customers will also get an additional free 50MB of data that customers can use to access the Buddie Beatz music application, whenever they purchase the all-in-one bundle.

Econet recently embarked on an ambitious network expansion programme where it is upgrading some of its existing base stations to 4G (LTE) and adding 130 new sites by the end of this year.

The upgrade will increase network capacity and quality of service, allowing Econet to offer super-fast mobile internet speeds, improved voice quality and reduced incidences of dropped calls in various geographical regions across the country. The investment will also ensure that customers who only had access to 2 and 3G sites, will be able to access fast mobile data for the first time through the LTE/4G network.

“The network expansion programme will help improve the customer experience and allow Econet customers to leverage the company’s digital capabilities and all the benefits they bring,”

Fungai Mandiveyi, Econet group spokesperson

The mobile network operator, this week also announced plans to roll out 5G in the coming few months.

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  1. Anonymous

    Its still expensive compared to Yomix

  2. Hugh Jarse

    Bet the same doesn’t apply to the zwd / zwe, or whatever the latest “currency” is called! Watch, as yet another bunch notes, printed en masse by rbz, becomes worthless, yet again!

  3. Scorched earth

    In the good old days, a dollar would get you 250mb. I remember streaming Man United matches from my phone.(United sucked back then, worse than nowadays…i hope Rangnick brings glory back to OT). Now we get 150mb…and it’s a promo. These MNOs are taking us for a ride and we riding shotgun. Will we ever see data prices fall? I doubt it.

    1. Open View HD

      And they make these bundles finish fast

      1. Anonymous

        You’re right, they won’t even last, damn man?🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Skhokho

    The economy is dollarising

  5. N/A

    What a smart way to say no to bond notes….next thing just say you have dollar chete bundles…u’ll be done with the romance


    How much fo USD $10 bundle ? How many MB

  7. Lenz

    Why bother with this when you can make your own mix of voice data texts via yomix, which is cheaper than this

    1. Dhuterere

      $1 for 250mb ws cool now a real promo wld be $1 for 350mb

  8. Sam

    Yomix is getting awfully expensive these days

  9. BEIT

    I was shocked to find out these MNO tariff hikes madness trail. At the highest conversion rate, I still pay an extra USD25¢ for every USD$1 purchase. Scorched earth is right, we bought 250MB for the dollar they now claim is convenient for a measly 150MB.
    More expensive bundle for less the data because what? I don’t know what I’ma do yet but I gotta do something about it

  10. Anonymous

    There’s no promotion there. We really need another network provider company in zim.

  11. Anonymous

    PaJoza 2$ inokupa gig reweek on Telkom muno pane akatinokora took chete

    1. Anonymous

      Haunyepi kunokorwa chaiko they just hike at liberty

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