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TelOne new voice and data tariffs effective 1 November 2022

Just like clockwork, what we hope is the last wave of tariff adjustments by telecom operators is upon us. TelOne has announced new prices for their voice and data services which will be in effect from 1 November 2022.

TelOne official Twitter page

Data Prices: Old vs New

PackageDownload CapOld ZW$ priceNew ZW$ price
Home Basic10GB38856255
Home Basic Night20GB53146881
Home Extra15GB42748555
Home Plus30GB855413772
Home Plus Night60GB1088717528
Home Premier60GB1607125874
Home Premier Night120GB1892230465
Home Surfer100GB2721743819
Home Boost200GB4277068859
Infinity Pro500GB5702691812
Blaze Light8GB34975630
Blaze Xtra15GB54398758
Blaze Boost20GB699411260
Blaze Ultra40GB1126718141
Blaze Trailblazer100GB2410738812
Blaze SupernovaUnlimited4795477206
Infinity SupremeUncapped82947133545
Intense ExtraUncapped114052183624

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