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What we have here is a hair dryer. A Mi ionic hair dryer. We are used to hair dryers just being a stick with a fan and a heating coil blowing hot hair. And you would be right. That is what this one here does. But it’s also got a bit of a science project on a stick. But first, let’s take it out of the box.


In the box, you have the hair dryer and a nozzle attachment for focusing the airflow and helping you with better styling. What really is striking about Mi products is how elegant they are. It’s such a clean and satisfying design choice with a really soft texture to the touch.

Design and finish

They are calling it a UV coating which is dirt and scratch-resistant. The hope is it does a good job with oils which are often involved in hair care and are usually all over the hands of the stylist handling this hair dryer. This is a review sample so I am not going to be abusing it.

What about the nozzle? The thing clips right onto the hair dryer in any orientation. This removes the likelihood of anyone rage quitting after trying to align some slots and stuff and also it helps with ease of use. You can rotate the nozzle a whole 360 degrees and this is a nice touch because you no longer need to make as many awkward angles when blowing your hair especially when styling.

Specs and features

In terms of specs, it’s rated at 1600W, a single fan that can spin at 20000 rpm which is faster than an angle grinder can, I don’t know why I brought that up, but that means it’s good for moving 1.6 cubic meters of air. Which is enough air for over 4 and a half hours of breathing. Almost enough to levitate the dryer and definitely enough to dry some hair. 

The length of the power cord is 1.7m which is decent. Probably plenty if the power source is somewhere readily accessible like let’s say the hairdresser’s desk. On temps, you have a selection of 3 which is cold, warm, or hot, and also temperature cycling which will alternate between hot and cold so you don’t air fry your client’s scalp. I really want to take a second to appreciate how clean the design is and the quality of the build. It’s plastic but the kind that just feels premium to handle.

Ion Technology for better quality results

I did promise there is a bit of a science project going on inside this hairdryer. So on the box, they are calling it ionic technology where the dryer will blow hot but moist air in an effort to dry the hair without dehydrating it. Before you ask. No, there is no reservoir where you put some water inside and it comes out as a mist or steam. That’s not science enough.

There is a condensation nozzle inside it that condenses air particles in the atmosphere onto it. Same way pouring a cold liquid into a glass or cup will get the outside walls of the glass or cup to build up drops of condensation.

Some bit of electricity is then used to charge these water molecules into ions which are blown out with the hot air. The magic with these ions is they prevent hair from drying out as well as reduce static within the hair. This keeps hair nice and shiny with no frizz. And if it works as advertised it may also mean fewer moisturizers and conditioners are needed after getting your hair blown.

They actually claim that, compared to the same hair dryer without this ion tech, they are able to achieve 71% smoother hair with 9.1% more shine from the Mi Ionic hair dryer. I can’t really put that to the test as I’m not very spoiled on hair but this is one overengineered piece of tech for just blow-drying your hair. 


As for the price, It’s going for US$55 and yes it is available in Zimbabwe. If the hair dryer is a bit much you can get a hot comb as well. For US$35 it seems like a good deal if you think about it. You get the same ion tech for getting your hair looking smooth and shiny for less.

And you will always need a hot comb anyway. It’s got 5 heating levels and you can use it on both wet and dry hair. Please when they say wet they mean moist, not dripping wet. We don’t want you getting electrocuted. You can have the best of both worlds and just buy both.

So ladies. Is shinier and smoother hair the biggest selling point of a hair dryer? Let me know in the comments.

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