Dandemutande partners with BCS for an US$8 million 891km fiber network expansion

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Dandemutande has announced that it is partnering with Broadband and Cloud Services Group (BCS) to expand its fiber network. They have injected US$5 million into the expansion project with is riding on BCSs current fiber expansion project. Dandemutande’s section will span Somabula to Harare via Gweru and from Bulawayo to Plumtree and will be completed by end of February 2023.

We will split the project into two phases, the first phase being the 531km of optic fiber from Beitbridge-Somabhula-Bulawayo which was launched in December 2022 with the Victoria Falls leg and the second phase being the 360km optic fiber between Simabhula and Harare to be completed end of February this year

Never Ncube – CEO Dandemutande

The backhaul link will also be working toward improving the redundancy of the service provider’s network. It will not be contributing much towards the overall speeds of the networks but rather further improving the resilience of the network and uptime.

The company is also injecting a further US$3 million towards metro fiber networks within the cities that their backhaul fiber will be passing through in an effort to also create a presence in places where they previously had none.

Late last year, Dark Fiber Africa (DFA) announced their partnership with Broadband and Cloud Services Group (BCS) which sees them in the middle of a 5-phase backhaul fiber network that will span 2000 km across Zimbabwe. The second phase of the project is set to be starting this year servicing Somabula to Harare via Gweru and from Bulawayo to Plumtree as well as from Harare to Mutare which is the same exact route Dandemutande is working on.

They have been on a pretty consistent expansion path which saw them having 27 LTE base stations around the country as well as an investment of US$3.5 million in the commissioning of 5 Data centers within Zimbabwe which they are primarily using for their Cloud Services and managed hosting services.

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  1. Marshall Chikari

    Its good for the consumers

    1. Gigi

      Not in Zimbabwe where you have a loaf of bread costing the same price from different companies, same with fuel ⛽ we have monopolies here and cartels

  2. Martin

    With all the monies that ISPs and Mobile operators pay to Potraz, why cant they come up with a value proposition where they own the infrastructure and then no one will continue to dig all over the place.

    1. Anonymous

      that’s rational if not reasonable thinking, but POTRAZ is run by Politicians, who have deferent interests punctuated by by market players such as Econet who pay key powerful people to influence things. For example, it is alleged that for Econet to maintain it’s monopoly in the mobile sector, they keep politicians happy who makes sure Netone ad Telecel are just dummy competitors

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