TelOne has tweaked its USD packages—more variety.

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About a year ago, TelOne introduced USD packages separate from their RTGS offerings for those that preferred paying in forex. They have since tweaked these packages; instead of a choice of 4, we now have a choice of 6.

New USD Packages

Package NameData CapPrice US$
PlatinumUnlimited (1TB)$90

So what’s new?

Apart from the 2 additional bundles, uncapped is now a bit more expensive. From US$60 on the old packages to US$90 on the new ones. The packages are now all anytime data meaning no more data reserved for very odd hours of the night…I appreciate that TelOne. And in case you were wondering, yes they also work on Blaze LTE. It still looks like TelOne is still maintaining its position of having the cheapest bundles in town.

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  1. ZimboCitizen

    They are still not yet transparent when it comes to their Telone Blaze simcards. They keep sending you around the country and every offices refers you to another.

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      Al Jazeera : Episode 5 – The Blaze SIM Mafia

      1. Xi jinping

        😂😂😂😂😂 haaa unopenga chaiko

      2. Tadiwa kv


        1. TT Mutumhe

          Super, super:I am relieved.Night time bundles were affecting my quality sleep time

      3. Mo Data

        🤣🤣🤣 I wonder who the Number 1 and Principal would be

      4. Tiraz

        They told me they last sold them on 2019!!

  2. Chipoko chaQueen (Elizabeth‘s Ghost)

    Pheeew at least i can still breath😅😅😅😅
    The $10 dollar package was now giving us 20GB Day + 20 GB Night atleast 50 is a good Price for a Bachelor
    I don’t get why 5$ gives you a fifth of $10 just another five and you’re at 50 GB from 10,is this a marketing scheme or???

  3. Dhiva

    kkkkk vanenge vachida mutangire pazvi 10 mari apa pari attractive

  4. The Last Don

    To think it’s 1 April.

  5. Anonymous

    I bought $90 bundle on Friday only for them to decrease their prices the next day!

    They only had $10, $40 and $90

  6. Adonai

    Yes it might be cheap bt is their network connection that good?

    1. The Empress

      That’s what I also want to know!

    2. Kennedy

      World’s worst , in fact it’s actually scandalous, at least when you are in Marondera, it’s always down for weeks on end, and when available can be super slow. Customer service leave a bitter taste.

  7. R Mahachi

    Very unfair on the gap btwn 50Gig & 160 Gig ($10-$30 Gap) why no services btwn that big gap , we need 60 gig, 80gig, 100gig, 120gig, 140gig

  8. WOLF

    The new packages are fantastic. However, they now need to improve the connectivity speed. I always get less than 3 mbs on speed test both during the day and odd hours.

    1. Bluebox

      What do I type when i want to top using ecocash

  9. Tafadzwa Bvudzijena

    If anyone knows where I can get their blaze line please link me up 0775586969 thus my number

    1. Xi jinping

      Fona pa number dzako

  10. Damn It

    So how really can I get the Telone line

    1. Boorangoma Paurosi
  11. Nomore

    It’s cheaper the data but the network aaaaah it’s bad,the data will just expire without using.

    1. Anonymous

      Uuum my friend i think you are lying .i have used Telone since 2020 and i pay for the minimum packages and all of them allow me to stream football with no glitches and 720p YouTube videos.Slow yaukutauta ndeipi apa

      1. Zinjathropus

        It depends with your location, you dumb fuxk

        1. Chipoko chaQueen (Elizabeth Reincarnated)

          Clearly you’re the most evolved one here you zinjathropus 🦍.All these homo sapiens don’t think.Telone speed indeed works better at a place where there are more subscribers and more cables like the suburb i stay in where almost every household has a Telone cable connected to it.More connection nodes = to larger bandwidth and less faults 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

  12. Czar

    Fantastic packages hope my liquid home follows suit

  13. Ano

    what’s the ussd code to buy bundles

  14. Carlos

    Yes the network is super unlike other providers. GPON yavo ma1

  15. Anonymous

    Thank you Telone, looks a lot better now.

  16. Junior4ANC

    Maline awo anoita mariii uye anowanikwa kupi…2013 Takanonanganisa muOffice..Vote President elect Advocate Nelson Chamisa…Vote Wisely 👍

  17. Junior4ANC

    Maline awo anoita mariii uye anowanikwa kupi…2023Takanonanganisa muOffice..Vote President elect Advocate Nelson Chamisa…Vote Wisely 👍

  18. Junior4ANC

    Maline awo anoita mariii uye anowanikwa kupi…2023 Takanonanganisa muOffice..Vote President elect Advocate Nelson Chamisa…Vote Wisely 👍

  19. Isheanesu

    Do the tariffs apply on the blaze simcard

  20. GroveStreet

    Nice to know..I pay $12 And get unlimited data Droid Vpn per year

    1. Zibusiso Maphosa

      How sir

  21. Mzukuru weNetone

    1….Which phone do you use
    2…. Which android Version
    3…. Does it have data saver
    4…. How much Ram does it have

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