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TelOne revises USD bundles. They are now HALF PRICE!

TelOne USD bundles

So about a month ago TelOne announced their Bonus Broadband Packages which are USD data bundles. As we had established they were a pretty good bargain but TelOne has just revised them downwards. Something you do not hear very often.

The prices are still the same but the data part of it has been increased by the tune of 97% cumulatively. Let’s break it down below on a table.

PriceData Cap
Off-Peak Data 11pm-5am
Percentage change in data
US$1040GB - 60GB20GB - 30GB+33%
US$2570GB - 140GB35GB - 70GB+100%
US$40180GB - 400GB90GB - 200GB+155%
US$60Uncapped (1TB FUP) - Uncapped (2TB FUP)Uncapped (1TB FUP) - Uncapped (2TB FUP)+100%

Yes, your eyes are not betraying you. The bundles are pretty much half the price now and offerings still stand at just these 4 options that you can purchase at your nearest TelOne client services platform. Right now these are probably the cheapest data bundles you can get in Zimbabwe by a good margin.

These bundles will be available effective Friday 27 May 2022 and you can only get these packages in USD. The RTGS packages will still exist at their usual price. As for those who stocked up on the old vouchers unfortunately those will still give you the old data caps and not these revised ones.

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17 thoughts on “TelOne revises USD bundles. They are now HALF PRICE!

    1. I’m curious as to how long that will last though… I’ve avoided using TelOne for years, mainly because of their atrocious service from the late 1980’s through to the late 1990’s! Still, if it actually works…

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