InDrive is making a splash in Zim. Can it dethrone Vaya and Hwindi?

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Let’s talk about InDrive. It’s on billboards, on the radio, and even in all our YouTube videos in the form of ads. It’s the latest addition to ride-hailing services in Zimbabwe but is it better than the established players?

Pay what you feel is fair

InDrive runs on the model of paying what you feel is fair. It is a negotiation between you and the driver. As is with any service that requires payment in Zimbabwe, there is always some room to haggle. In the app, you have a recommended fare for the trip to give you a starting point. You can then go over or under depending on what you as the commuter feel is fair. 

The driver will also see these offers and only accept an offer that seems fair to them. So your success rate at getting a driver to accept your request is very much dependent on how liberal you are with your funds. It can be an advantage if let’s say you are in a hurry. You can double the recommended fare for your trip and secure a ride a lot quicker. And if you are too cheap you might fail to secure a ride.

Versus the competition

So versus other competing ride-hailing apps, it’s very much in the middle when it comes to pricing. InDriver seems to be undercutting the likes of Hwindi and Vaya but the gap is very small. And also, on payments, InDrive will most certainly solve the change issue. Rides that cost dollars and cents can just be rounded off during negotiations.

Where they will be caught lacking is the flexibility of payment. Hwindi and Vaya allow both USD and ZW$ as payment options. InDriver is strictly USD. That said, paying in Z$ is quite expensive. At the time of writing this article, Hwindi was using a rate of ZW$2000 to the dollar and Vaya ZW$2287 to the dollar.

Their global footprint

In terms of scale, InDrive has Vaya and Hwindi beat. Their service is global and available in 47 countries whereas Vaya is limited to Africa covering 12 countries and Hwindi is local covering only one country. The global nature of InDrive means you use a familiar app in more countries. Yes, they will now also be facing stiff competition from Uber, Bolt, and Lyft however in countries like Zimbabwe where these big names do not have a presence, InDrive will be the go-to.

Another niche feature in favor of InDrive is that it is one of the very few ride-hailing apps available in Huawei’s App Gallery and works on Huawei devices with no Google services. The rest are only available exclusively on iOS or Google play store.

List of features?

On features, Indrive offers ride-hailing and courier services. Just the essentials. Hwindi says it is a super app for ride-hailing, ordering food, deliveries, and grocery shopping however at the moment only deliveries and ride-hailing are what’s working. Vaya has the biggest complement of features including ambulance, cross boarder buses, airplane charter, and safari tours amongst the regular ride-hailing and courier stuff.

That’s pretty much the overview of InDrive. If you are using ride-hailing apps in Zimbabwe, how would you rank them? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Kay

    This system of transportation still light years away from become reliable in Zimbabwe

    1. T

      Nekubirwa kukuita vanhu mumushikashika very soon panenge chandaona at e moment these companies vane grup ravo ravaka targeter especially kuma dheu dheu kusina yakawanda kunonetsa transport. The biggest issue ndeyekuti ma company iyaya Harare ndozimbabwe yawo

      1. 🔥


  2. Anon

    As long as internet is expensive we can forget about digital transformation, its still cheaper and more reliable to call a trusted taxi driver or friend and get to where you want. These platforms need the internet, so the foundation is broken, moment internet is affordable will see a huge uptake, otherwise we can focus on a whatsapp hailing bot.

    1. Isaac

      That’s a very good point you’ve raised there.

  3. Madzibaba

    Mishika shika tinenge taiisepi muno muZim kkkk

  4. Anonymous

    There is TaxiF, its international and also available in Zim. You can review it as well

  5. JesusIsComing

    Such apps could be useful if it had an offline mode, where you can see local drivers, their numbers, car type, picture for id, charge, rating, availability etc. Then people may use it for the numbers and taxi cred. (Works mostly for hiring mushikashika, with lite mode app, no or small pictures.)

    1. Info

      You’d end up hiring dead drivers, blocked drivers…etc

  6. Geralt of Rivea

    I used InDrive when I landed in Zim. I used it to get from the airport to Hatfield and from Hatfield to the airport. The app set the fare at a minimum of US$7 for each trip. I offered to pay US$15. Local meter taxis were charging US$20 for the same trip and US$30 from the airport into town,. I hope they get to take a huge share from the local meter taxi guys.

    One issue that I saw with InDrive was that the driver was always some distance away and they had to drive over 15km at times to get to me. I think this eats into their profits.

    InDrive was the only app that I manged to complete the registration process for. With Vaya and Hwindi, I never receive the verification code. I tried Zim, S.A, UAE and EU numbers but I never received the code.

  7. Memberly

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    1. Paul Walker

      Dako rako shaa

  8. Anonymous

    You forgot to mention that its only available in harare

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