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One Transaction Of Bitcoin Mining Uses Enough Energy To Power 27 Homes For A Full Day: Shocking!

With all its glamour of being a decentralized currency and appreciating in value to over $20 000, you probably didn’t know Bitcoin’s mining process consumes a lot of energy. Mining basically is a competitive process in which different users(miners) on the bitcoin network get into a race to add a transaction record to the system(blockchain). […]

Standard Chartered Link With Ecocash Service Goes Live Today

Today marks the day that the linking of Ecocash accounts and Standard Chartered(StanChart) accounts is finally going live. Previously, it had been announced about such an arrangement but the platform wasn’t yet operational. Zimbabwe’s oldest financial institution and the largest mobile money transfer platform are teaming up to increase service provision to their respective customers. StanChart, […]

The New Problem For Banks In Online Banking: Transaction Laundering

The evolution of banking from brick and mortar to online banking has come with many benefits to the society characterized by increased financial inclusion, the easiness of sending and receiving money and reduction of transaction costs. But the problems that face online banking weighs heavily against its benefits. Banking problems likewise are evolving like banking […]

ED Mnangagwa Increases Online Presence With A New Website

Every politician wants to be labelled as a people’s person. More so as a people’s president. From Donald Trump’s twitter rants and Yoweri Museveni’s famed videos and selfies, presidents are now using online media to catch the public’s attention and personally engage with their followers. Finally, the wave is now in Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa started […]

Learn The Basics of Blockchain This Weekend at The Blockchain Festival

There is a Blockchain Festival the whole of this weekend aimed at educating the public about how Blockchain works. Apart from teaching the basics, the event will also focus on explaining deep concepts like writing smart contracts. Venue The event will be held in Pomona at Telecontract (Pvt) Ltd, Stand 475 Pomona Industrial Complex Fee […]

Mobile Network Operators Show A Revenue Growth Trend But It’s Not That Simple…

If anyone would be happy about the 4th quarter Potraz report is a shareholder because the revenue in the sector has significantly improved from the last quarter. The 4th quarter of 2017 is remembered for the political transition that took place in Zimbabwe, chronic shortages of cash and highly volatile exchange rates both in the […]

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Adverts, Bitcoin Drops Price

Bitcoin prices briefly fell below $8000 in the past 24hours in response to news that Google is planning to ban the advertising of cryptocurrencies. Google’s move is similar to Facebook’s January announcement that banned ads on binary options, Initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies. This latest news maybe a result of cryptocurrencies that have emerged in […]

More Details About The Startups That Received Funding From The Potraz Innovation Fund

Yesterday’s launch of The ICT Innovation Drive was praiseworthy and its ambitious plan of making Zimbabwe a technology powerhouse through increasing its capacity of technological development and innovativeness was equally met with enthusiasm and skepticism at the same time. The event was marked by startups that received funding to scale up their operations. As usual […]

Startups Given ‘Blank’ Cheques, They Have No Idea How Much They Got. Secrets, Secrets…..

The successful launch of The ICT Innovation Drive has been met with praise by various stakeholders. One of the most visible moments of today’s ICT Innovation Drive launch was the presentation of big cheques to the 6 startups that are getting funding. The representatives of startups received their cheques with wide smiles followed by a […]

Keeping Your Bitcoin On Exchanges Like Golix, Styx24 Or Coinbase Is Not A Good Idea

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were created to give you control of your money. But when you store your bitcoin on an exchange, what’s the difference from just keeping your money in a bank which does not give you control of your money? So, it stands to reason that when you store bitcoin on an exchange […]

Apparently Steward Bank Is Not The First To Introduce A Kwenga-like Device

With all Steward Bank’s innovation drive, it may come as a surprise to know that Kwenga is not the first portable POS machine to grace Zimbabwe’s financial sector. Who then? CABS. CABS was the first to roll out portable POS machines. One of our readers on Techzim informed us that she saw a CABS portable […]

Distributed Power Africa: Econet Makes A Huge Investment In Energy

Marred by persistent power cuts and inaccessible Zesa power lines in some locations, Econet has resorted to make a huge investment in energy to power its energy hungry operations. Their aim is to power its data centers which require a lot of energy consumption. But this is not an ordinary investment in energy With the […]

Thanks to Technology Small Businesses Could Get Loans In 30 Minutes

Have you ever waited for 2 weeks to hear a response of whether your loan application has been approved or declined? Only for the application to be declined. That sucks, right? Welcome to the Age of Credit Decline. Now that banks have reduced consumer lending to productive sectors of the economy, who will lend to […]

Earn Money For Your Selfies On This App

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain are buzzwords that are hitting headlines for good and mostly for wrong reasons. Against that background, I am curious about a new social network platform that claims to reward users for sharing photos. Is it another scam or is it for real? The new offer is from a platform called SELFLLRY […]

Zinara Seeks To Raise Money From The Diaspora: Will Zimbabweans In The Diaspora Fund Them?

The Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) has just proposed to issue a new bond facility aimed at the diaspora to fund various infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges. This move is inspired by the success of the infrastructure bond they issued last year that was oversubscribed by $ 5million. Speaking at the Zimbabwe Investment […]

Are Telecash And OneMoney Users Better Off Using Their Platforms Than Joining Ecocash?

As you are undoubtedly aware Ecocash has opened up its platform that enables Netone and Telecel users to register for the Ecocash services in a move that aims to enhance the fluidity of the mobile banking sector. These moves by Ecocash may have risen as a response to an ultimatum issued by The Minister of […]