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Transportation, The Next Industry To Be Disrupted By The 4th Industrial Revolution

Transportation, The Next Industry To Be Disrupted By The 4th Industrial Revolution Last year as I was shopping in the famous Kariakoo Market in Dar Es Salam, I discovered a simple fact. Although I had been coached on how to say “how much is this item” in Swahili, and I would always ask in Swahili, little […]

11 Most Common On-site SEO Mistakes

On-site SEO plays a significant role in search engine ranking of your site. Without proper on-site SEO strategies, you risk having a low SERP rank and few backlinks to your site. White label rank tracker can let you see how on-site SEO mistakes are hurting your SERP. To help you avoid these adverse effects, below […]

Buy These I7S Wireless Earphones For Only $19

For those people who enjoy music on the go there is reason to rejoice even as one phone maker after another is killing the headphone jack- you can still make use of wireless headphones. You can get a remarkable pair of wireless earbuds from Cafago for only $19.26 (Ecocash $26 see below for details) including […]

The flash drive or memory card just stopped working? You can recover all you lost with Disk Drill

So a couple years back I went on a trip with nothing but a smartphone and a charger. I love taking photos which I did a lot up until my only form of digital storage inconveniently got corrupted. Gone are my epic photos, my premium collection of music, all my data vanished into cyber space. […]

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review

A review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ which shows how the company continues to push boundaries with premium Galaxy smartphones that offer users the best in media consumption and the ultimate in productivity.

Samsung Galaxy A5 – A mid range device with high end aspirations

In this review, we look at of the Samsung Galaxy A5, the mid-range device that has a lot of top of the range appeal despite its fairly priced mid range device origins.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: the best in the world, or just expensive art & science?

This is a review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the flagship device from the mobile devices giant. With outstanding specs, and a great design it easily looks like the best device on the market. But is this blend of art and science worth $1,305?