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OpenView is missing an opportunity here

There is the famous fable of how an opportunist steals a glass of water from under the noses of a pessimist and optimistic while they are busy arguing about who is right. I think it applies perfectly to the issue of OpenView attempting to block decoders being used outside Zimbabwe. People, including OpenView themselves, are […]

Britbox is coming to South Africa next week Friday

In February of this year, we learnt that the popular streaming platform BritBox would be available to South Africans, which almost certainly means some Zimbos will have access too. South Africa will be the fifth country to get the nod after the United States, Canada, Australia and of course the United Kingdom itself. We now […]

Do you have a Playstation 5? Here is how to get 6 months free of Apple TV+

I am not much of a gamer, to be honest, but even I know that the Playstation 5 is the white rhino of gaming consoles. An elusive and coveted beast that is in constant short supply. There are some lucky people out there though who have managed to get their hands on it. Now, these […]

The Olympics are here and ShowMax Pro is offering a two for the price-of-one deal

Earlier this week we covered how you can stream the Olympics 2020 events (the event is taking place this year due to the pandemic). One of the easiest (but not cheapest) methods is to stream the events you want to watch using ShowMax Pro. Thankfully it seems someone at Multichoice was listening. ShowMax Pro is […]

Netflix to pivot into games as it tries to beat saturation

I am sure you have had your fill of a priest and a rabbi walking into a bar jokes. Today I have something a little different. Have you heard the one where Netflix gets into mobile gaming, competes against Google’s Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce? Well, it’s not a joke it’s real. Netflix has confirmed that […]