The Olympics are here and ShowMax Pro is offering a two for the price-of-one deal

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Earlier this week we covered how you can stream the Olympics 2020 events (the event is taking place this year due to the pandemic). One of the easiest (but not cheapest) methods is to stream the events you want to watch using ShowMax Pro. Thankfully it seems someone at Multichoice was listening. ShowMax Pro is now running a two for one deal making the option slightly cheaper. What does this mean?

Get 2 months for the price of 1.Enjoy 2 months of world-class series, movies, live sport from SuperSport & more from just R225. Cancel anytime.

Live stream the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Showmax Pro subscribers will have access to live streams of every event that is made available to SuperSport by the Olympic Broadcast Services, including the opening and closing ceremonies, and every medal event.

What the promotional email says

Basically, this means that when you pay today you get two months of ShowMax Pro for whatever package you choose. Unlike normal ShowMax packages that come with a 14 days trial, ShowMax Pro doesn’t come with a trial so you will be charged the moment you sign up. I am not sure why this is the case, it could be that Live Sports are an expensive item and Multichoice is unwilling to risk the possibility that some savvy people out there will keep opening trial accounts and enjoying them for free indefinitely.

I must also point out that while normal ShowMax packages are generally a dime and a dozen, I mean you can even get ShowMax for free if you have DSTV premium, ShowMax Pro promotions are quite rarer too. So if you want to take advantage of this option you have to make sure you do so before the 31st of August.

CountryShowmax ProEffective Price per month with PromotionShowmax Pro MobileEffective Price per month with Promotion
South AfricaZAR 449ZAR 224.40ZAR 225ZAR 112.50
ZimbabweUSD 17.99USD 8.99USD 8.99USD 4.50

Another thing to bear in mind is that if you have a friend who is interested you can actually split the cost of the Standard ShowMax Pro package which comes with 2 streams. This means that the cost can even go down to US$4.50 per month if you factor in the promotion. Few people have more than two streaming devices in their households anyway.

ShowMax Pro is one of those things that Multichoice really needs to advertise more. It allows you to watch live sports on a budget which can be what you want if you have say Fibroniks or Wibroniks in your house and don’t have money for DSTV. The only drawback is that, just like the Compact version for Zimbabwe, ShowMax Pro doesn’t come with UEFA Champions League matches. That’s a glaring oversight. In any case, perhaps these Olympics will make more people aware of this awesome option to watch sports.

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  1. Anon

    Is this promotion for new subscribers only?

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Seems so unfortunately.

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